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Welcome back to another detailed travel review! This time, let me take you to the ultra-luxurious Grand Hyatt Bahamar resort and Sandy Toes Beach. Finished in 2017, Bahamar is a relatively new resort in the region and they are looking to impress. I have been to many resorts in the Caribbeans, but this was the first one that I’ve been to with a sea-side casino, Starbucks, in addition to stores such as Tiffany, Cartier, and MAC cosmetics right in the grand lobby. Get ready for a detailed review of one of the best resorts in the region!

Firstly, full disclosure: Grand Hyatt accommodated us for this trip. All opinions are 100% my own and gathered from other guests we talked to at the resort. If I could have stayed longer, I certainly would have!

the caribbeans bahamars resort

The resort grounds feature many heated pools, super cute food trucks and even a nurse shark, starfish and sting ray petting zoo. Everything is being kept clean and the staff is very courteous. The resort’s private beach is removed from seaweed every morning and even features paddle boating and other free beach activities. You can find cute little pastel buildings and huts all around the resort, consistent with Bahamian architecture. Did you know that all Bahamas government buildings are painted pastel pink? Now, this is my kind of island!

As for the interior, the Grand Hyatt features many tiers of luxury. We were accommodated for an ocean view suite. There are bigger suites for large parties coupled with a private patio and small pool. There are also celebrities guests who will take the private section of the resort. It comes with a private chauffeur, private lobby, private elevator and even their own secluded section of the casino. Grand Hyatt staff allowed us to tour some of the ultra-luxury suites, check it out!

We took a group trip to a nearby island called Sandy Toes beach. This is a lesser well known beach featuring a private cottage, beach-side bar and pig feeding!
As always, here is a detailed breakdown of my opinion on the resort and Sandy Toes beach.

Service: 9/10

The service at GHB was like that of any 5 star hotel in North America. Everyone was super upbeat and did everything they could to accommodate any special requests. I always forget toothpaste! The hubby also forgot a charging cable. But of course the staff had no problems taking care of that. The only thing I can critique is that sometimes we got knocks on our door although we didn’t order anything. These were some things that are to be expected from a newer resort.

Location: 10/10

Nonetheless, nothing needs to be said of the location, we were in one of the most beautiful beaches and islands in the Caribbean. The financial and fashion district of Nassau is near the resort for those seeking a local experience.

Interior: 10/10

The interior of the resort was truly fabulous. It reminded me of the underground malls of Singapore and Toronto; modern, clean and massive. The decor was very carefully and purposefully done. Sprinkled throughout the resort are symbols for luck and prosperity (for your winnings at the casino!). There was no need for cash at the resort as we could choose to charge everything to our room and name. The amenities feature something for everyone. We talked to couples, foodies, adventurists, and families. One thing we all had in common was marveling at the features and interior!

Food: 8/10

The breakfast buffet is a must try. My personal favorite was the chia seed pudding and popsicle station.
For fine dining, we had a tasting menu at Shuang Ba and Stix. Two restaurants featuring authentic Chinese chefs. As fellow Chinese, my hubby and I were equally surprised at the uniqueness of the cuisine. We didn’t miss Toronto food, let’s just say that!
As for casual meals, you may know that I’m obsessed with Poke Bowls, and there was a Poke stall right beside the beach! Yay!! I love it!
One critique from a few other guests was that vegetarian options are somewhat limited or not as tasty as the non-veggie options. For example, the veggie poke bowl simply has the protein removed. A few other guests told us that they loved the Japanese and Asian cuisine at the resort. However, cheap and casual food options were a bit limited.

Value: 9/10

I would definitely recommend the Grand Hyatt Bahamar for a special occasion or luxury trip. Think weddings, bachelorette parties, business retreats or anniversaries. You get exactly what you pay for with this resort! Regardless, the only thing they can do better is lower the price of basic items like chips and burgers, just so that no one feels like they’re paying for inflated prices.

Sandy Toes Beach: 7/10

Taking photos with fellow bloggers on the beach was surely fun! The plan was to snorkel, relax, have a meal and feed some beach piggies! It  is indeed a very nice beach and the staff was, by all means, fantastic. There are various hammocks and lounges on this fantastic beach.
When it came to pig feeding time, it was intense! There were about 30 people crowded on the beach and they released 3 pigs that came out running FAST. Not gonna lie, I was certainly a bit scared haha. The pigs were larger than I initially imagined and super excited to be fed. One of the pigs even pushed her feeder into the water. Anyway, I had a few pats of the pigs but was too scared to feed one >.<. Here are some pictures taken at Sandy Toes!

If you want to know what we did personally at the resort, check out my vlog below. I even took my iPhone X swimming with me, but I quickly learned that you shouldn’t do that even if it’s “water resistant”. And PS, also do NOT charge your phone when it’s wet like I did!

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Happy 2018! I hope you had a fantastic 2017,  and an even better 2018! For me, 2017 was a hectic year but a great one nonetheless. If you’re like me, then you know all about indulging in the holiday seasons – sometimes we can be busy having too much fun that we forget to take care of ourselves! Going into 2018, I plan to hit the reset button! It’s not easy as a mama, full time blogger and business owner and it does get stressful at times, but I strongly believe in celebrating the little wins in everyday life. There are so many ways in which I treat myself daily, and skincare is a huge part of my daily stress-free relaxing routine.

New year, NEW SKIN! I’m so happy to be able to try out the Olay 3 step reset trio of powerhouse products as I’ve heard amazing things about all 3 products. This post is sponsored by Olay but all opinions are mine! :)

OLAY Daily Facials


First off – the OLAY Daily Facials.  I am SO SO IMPRESSED with it I actually squealed in delight when I first tried it. This is the first time I’m trying out a cleansing sheet with 5-in-1 cleansing power of a makeup remover, scrub, toner, mask and cleanser. 


These wipes come dry, and all it takes is a little water to activate the rich cleansing foam in the wipes. Massaging the wipes to induce its lather is my favorite part because I get to  see all the bubbles! After the wipes are wet, it’s as easy as wiping my face with it to clean it.

As some of you may know, I recently got my eyebrows micro-bladed and it’s a big nono to get them wet in the first week. I cannot even begin to explain to you how THESE wipes saved my life! Since washing my face became literally impossible, I can avoid my brows using the sheets. It’s also great to spot-clean any make-up booboos, and as an on-the-go as a facial refresher.

OLAY Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

Next up is the OLAY Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. I was so excited to try this number 1 selling moisturizer. It includes hyaluronic acid, amino-peptides and vitamin B3 to help hydrate cells from within the skin’s surface. It also claims to “reduce the look of 10 years of wrinkles in just 4 weeks”! Is this just hype or is it truth?! I couldn’t wait to find out.

When I first tried the cream, my initial reaction was how luxurious and cooling it felt on my skin. It’s also very easy to spread after warming it up between my hands.  I have combination to oily skin, and it absorbed the cream very well since it’s not greasy and has minimal drying time. When I woke up in the morning, I noticed that my skin is dewier and plumper than usual – despite having only 6 hours of sleep!   

Eye cream: Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream

DID YOU KNOW that the skin under the eye is so delicate and thin that it loses moisture 50% faster than any other area of the face? Needless to say, a good eye cream is a great investment for EVERYONE, regardless of your age. It helps nourish the delicate skin around your eyes, and your makeup will go on smoother without settling into the fine lines. I’ve heard many great things about the Olay Ultimate Eye Cream, especially its 3-in-1 benefits to visibly smoothen lines, reduce the appearance of dark circles and reduce puffiness after massaging it in. It also has a slight tint to it thanks to Olay’s color-correcting technology, which helps to conceal dark circles. 

It feels light and refreshing around my under-eye area, not heavy at all! Also blends out like a dream so you don’t have to worry about over-tugging the delicate skin. Immediately after, I noticed that my eye look instantly more awake and less puffy compared to the other eye without eye cream. I use this both in the morning and at night, and I noticed my foundation and concealer goes on smoother and doesn’t settle into the fine lines – definitely a win in my book!



After using all the products in the Olay 3-Step-Reset for a week, I can tell there are slight improvements in my skin. My eyes look less tired, and my skin is generally bouncier than normal! My favorite has to be the 5-in-1 cleansing wipes – as they are now my go-to cleanser because of how easy it is. There is also a LOT of foam that lathers up and it makes me feel like it’s helping get my skin super clean!

I’ll be sure to come up with an update after using the products for over a month – I’m especially curious about the Olay Regenerist sculpting cream’s claim to reduce 10 years of wrinkles in just 1 month!

Have you used any of Olay’s products? Which ones are your favorite?




Welcome back!

Do you remember in my previous post when I talked about some ideas for a winter retreat? Well, we had the privilege to spend a weekend at the ultra luxurious Four Seasons Toronto Hotel. We were lucky enough to be accommodated for the 1 Bedroom Corner Suite for the hubby and baby Lucas too!

Comfy comfy!


They didn’t forget the bubblies!

Overall, I want to say that the experience was great. From the moment we saw the suite, we were quite impressed. The room was HUGE! The atmosphere was great and the staff made us feel right at home! I’m going to describe the experience in much more detail down below. My advice is that this really is the perfect place for family or an important occasion. Hello, last-minute Valentine’s Date idea!

Morning with my favorite two cuties! Don’t worry there is no coffee in the cup

The main bedroom, complete with a toddler’s crib

A present for Lucas!

The view from our full ceiling window

Look at all that space! We would have some friends over later

Beautiful bathroom, complete with a digital mirror

The amazing master bathroom

Lucas is sizing daddy up! :D

We took Lucas out for dinner

Charcuterie board and fried cauliflower

lyon-style northern pike quenelle with cognac-lobster sauce

Seared scallops


Service: 10/10

Four Seasons is known for their personalized and highly attentive service. Every experience and encounter made us feel like VIPs. In a pinch, staff were able to deliver flowers, extra trays and even a microwave for heating up some take-out. Everyone knew our names and addressed us in a professional and courteous manner and it all surpassed my expectations!


Location: 10/10

This hotel is located in Yorkville, one of the most elegant parts of the city and not saturated with the usual downtown crowds. We look leisurely strolls around the coffee shops and a mandatory visit to the Chanel flagship store in Toronto. Besides from luxury shopping and fine dining, there were some photoshoot spots for me as well. Later in the evening, my friends had no problems visiting us, as the hotel is also one block away from Bay St Subway Station.


Dining and Breakfast: 8/10

The Four Seasons team treated us to a very nice dinner CAFÉ BOULUD. Inspired by Chef Daniel Boulud’s family’s meals in Lyon, the menu features French classics and many unique tastes as well. I ordered the seared scallops and the hubby tried the signature QUENELLE DE BROCHET (lyon-style northern pike quenelle with cognac-lobster sauce). They also have a Winterlicious / Summerlicious Menu if you’re interested.
As for breakfast, nothing stood out to me in particular. I would have to stay it’s the only part of the hotel that didn’t surpass any expectations.


Room Features: 9/10

The room features various gadgets such as an iPad menu, Bose stereo, mirror-TV in the bathroom and 2 flat screen TVs. There were two bathrooms as well as a toddlers crib provided on request. One of the bathrooms was spacious, with a very large bathtub and a view that washes away any stress. The hotel also gave us the little items we needed to take care of Lucas. This included a gifted Honest Company care set, diaper genie and a crib that Lucas mistook for a cute little jail.

Plenty of room in the bathroom

Lucas did not enjoy this crib though!


I hope you enjoyed my review. If you’re visiting Toronto, this should be one of your luxury hotel options!

Love, Kerina

PS. As noted from the start, we were lucky enough to get accommodated by the hotel. This blog post was done on my own accord. As always, all opinions are 100% my own!

Hello Bunnies!!

It’s time for a different kind of post. I know we all love fashion and beauty posts, but I thought to change it up a bit and talk about winter romance.  Many people feel like winter is depressing, but I’m here yo tell you – it doesn’t have to be!  Here are some ideas for you and your S.O. this winter!

winter romance

Well, I prepared a list of suggestions that might help you out and give you a little bit of inspiration <3


I looove ice skating! It’s a really simple yet fun activity to do with your friends or loved one. Especially later during the day, the atmosphere is so romantic, while you’re surrounded by all the city lights! Even if you’re not so good at skating, it’s also a great date idea, you could ask your partner to teach you. This way it will be a great bonding experience!

winter romance skating


Travelling is one the best ways a couple can spend their time together. I went on a romantic trip to New York and it was amazing! I fell in love with the city too, and had the time of my life. Just visiting around and trying new things with your partner can bring you closer than ever. And it’s doesn’t have to be a big trip, just visiting a city nearby and exploring it during wintertime will do the trick!^^ Talk with your partner, and plan a weekend trip so you both can take a break from your daily schedule and enjoy the beauty of the city.

my winter romance new york travelling trip


Overall, when you’re with the right person by your side, anything can be so fun! Take advantage of this time of the year to think up of new activities to do together. Whether it be playing board games, having nighttime drives around the city, finding new recipes to try out together or a new cafe/restaurant, don’t be afraid to try new things!

winter romance



Welcome back my lovelies!^^ Holidays are approaching quickly and it’s the best time to start making some changes around the place. I absolutely adore decorating the house. So I thought, why not give you guys some tips on how to recreate the look on my photos? Home decor is a great creative activity, and Christmas is the perfect time to splurge on some new items.

home decor christmas holidays cute

home decor cute christmas holidays

home decor cute couple holiday christmas

To be more specific, I am talking about those photos. I’m so in love with their vibes!!! And I’ve got some great news for you, below you will have a list of pictures and links to the items that appear in the shots. Some of them are the exact same item, others are similar ones. Although I tried my best to find all of the originals, some items were just out of stock or I couldn’t remember where I got them from. But I promise the list wont disappoint you, so here we go! =D

home decor terrarium

As you may have seen, there is an empty terrarium in the first photo. They look so chic and elegant! You can choose to keep them simple or decorate them with plans or even fairy lights, for a more festive feel. Get yours here.

home decor pineapple

This ceramic pineapple is a gorgeous addition. It’s a detail that you just can’t overlook! And although it might not be the most appropriate for winter, the combination of white and gold makes it blend perfectly with the decorations. You can find it here.

home decor wool blanket

This wool blanket is all the rage! You see it absolutely everywhere on social media. And for good reason, they are the coziest and warmest things ever <3 the perfect item to snuggle up in. If you’ve been wondering how to get your hands on one,  Here it is!

home decor gold tray holidays

Honestly, I think a beautiful tray is vital to have on your coffee table. It adds a classy vibe and it also helps with keeping your stuff more organized! You can put anything from candles to make-up, cups, or even plants in it. My tray is a round one, but I managed to find a very similar, square one.

home decor block candles christmas holidays vibes

Those are very basic, yet extremely effective! During holiday season, everyone needs some quality, nice smelling candles around the house. They help create that warm and welcoming feeling! I totally recommend you go and get some block candles right now. You can find them in almost any store, but I found a good deal here.

I really hope I could help you guys out with those suggestions, and in case you would like to see more, well, no problem! I am also working on creating my Pinterest board with many, many more of those items. Kisses!

And if you have any suggestions, please comment below :)