Summer is finally here! That means short shorts, flip flops, and trips to the beach with the preparation to bare it all! If you are looking for that shimmering, moisturizing highlighting spray that smells heavenly, then you will LOVE the new Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Shimmering Body Oil Spray.

I’m a big fan of scents, and this body spray smells JUST. LIKE. SUMMER – warm, toasty and subtly sweet. And even though it looks super shimmery in the bottle, it’s not too overpowering on your skin, leaving just a trace of highlight shimmer while given your skin all the moisture it needs. A little bit goes a long way, and you can even use it on your hair as a hair oil!

My ends are super dry especially with frequent visits to the beach in the summer, and this oil helps with nourishing my hair while de-frizzing it. If you like the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess 2017 Collection,  you will without a doubt love the body oil with the signature Bronze Goddess scent.

What are some of your summer essentials?

xo, Kerina

If you haven’t heard the story of Fyre Music Festival yet, you should because this one is hilarious and has a life lesson.  Fyre was supposed to be Rich Kids’ Coachella in the Bahamas, promoted by top models like Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Hailey Baldwin and nearly 400 other Instagram influencers.  OMG, as an instagrammer and model, I would have wanted to go! Why did no one tell me about this!?  Ticket packages were “in excess of $104,995” and with bands like Blink-182, Major Lazer and some people I’ve never heard of, it would have been legend, dairy!

Fyre Expectation


Fyre’s hawt modelsss.  Image via Matte Projects/Co. of Fyre



There will be yatching, lots of yatching


fyre babes

All my babes will be there, in spirit :3 / image co. of Instagram


frye promo poster

Check out the comments on Hailey’s instagram

“LOL this is legit”, “OMG LETZ GO PLZ” what could go wrong?  Well, there are lots of images scattered around the web showcasing what actually happened, I’ve collected a few of my favs for you guys :)

Not so Fyre Reality


Hurricane Site or Music Festival?


fyre food

Fyre Veggie Sandwich / Image Co redditor sappynolucky


fyre lockers co WNFIV

Free Lockers! *locks not included* /co of twitter user @WNFIV

You see, a tiny island with tiny airports, roads and sewers can only accommodate so many people.  Think about how much it costs to go to a real resort in the Bahamas for a weekend, where the buildings, staff and facilities were already in place.  Then think about how much more it would cost to do all that on a beach in the middle of no where.  Luggages were being thrown off truck trailers, tents included wet mattresses, plumbing was done in a hurry with plastic pipes, flights were wayyy over booked and by the time ticket holders got to the island, Blink-182 cancelled and the entire event was “postponed”.  Then there were long sweaty waits at the airports to leave the island, you can read all about it but my favourite was this person’s verified account.

As you probably already know, the life lesson of Fyre was a typical story of how misleading marketing can be. Even with the information of the world at our fingertips, some are still misinformed and misled.  Many are making this story of how hilarious it is to see these rich kids blow their money thinking they will flying to an island full of bikini models, jet skis and endless vodka shots.  But there were also kids who really thought they were getting what was promised and scrapped their wallets for this. What caught my attention is how much of the promotion was purely done on Instagram. through was is called Influencer Marketing.  If over 400 Instagram influencers were paid to promote this festival, then their marketing budget must have been in the millions.  As me and most of my fans have already had this experience through online shopping, here it is again:

Just because she’s hot, doesn’t mean you should buy it.

When buying anything online, whether it’s clothing or festival tickets, think about if s/he has actually tried the product already.  As with the case of Fyre, the models did not know what they were promoting because NO ONE HAS HEARD OF FYRE.  This is different than promoting something they could try out in real life, like clothes or beauty products.  Even then, I know my babes are too savvy to fall for fake pictures and scams.  Thanks a lot Fyre, for attempting to kill Instagram marketing.

Would you have fallen for Fyre?

Comment below, be honest now :p

If you’ve watched the wildly popular Netflix show “13 Reasons Why”, you probably either love it or hate it. After watching the entire show, I’ve come to the conclusion that the show has amazing filmography and acting, but it is vastly dangerous in terms of the messaging. Here’s 13 reasons why you should not watch the show. SPOILERS ALERT!

13 Reasons Why

The drama draws attention to the following:

1. If your voice has not been heard all your life, killing yourself will make your voice heard (literally, in the show)
2. Want to get back at those who has made your life miserable? Kill yourself, and this will be achieved
3. Its bad to bully people, but not if a dead girl encourages you to do so to avenge her
4. Suicide is a way to make your crush realize he’s loved you all along
5. Killing yourself elevates your status in society
6. Accusing and blaming others for your suicide is justified, because you don’t want to take responsibility for your actions
7. When bullied or raped, don’t reach out or report to anyone, thinking they won’t understand. No, don’t even TRY
8. Being a bad friend carries the same weight as being a double rapist
9. When seeing a party being hosted by a rapist, walk into that party and get into hot tub with said rapist
10. Suicide is a good way to make those who have hurt you suffer
11. If someone from school hurts you, make no effort to make new friends outside of that circle
12. This show minimizes mental illness. If everyone is just nice to each other, then no one would be depressed and kill themselves
13. 13 Reasons Why uses the theme of teen suicide as entertainment

Hannah ultimately puts the blame on 12 other people for her suicide, whereas in reality the only person responsible for her suicide is herself. Anyone else unsettled by 13 Reasons Why?

I want my 13 hours back, please.

Spring is around the corner! That means biker jackets,ripped jeans, and white sneakers out! I am in love with Grlfrnd Denim, they have THE. MOST. COMFORTABLE. denim everrrr it seriously feels like you are wearing a second layer of skin. I’m wearing the Candice mid-rise super stretch skinny jeans by Grlfrnd Denim.

It’s seriously biker jacket season, I pretty much have biker jackets in all colors, but black is still my go-to! This one is from Zara, it’s faux leather and cropped meaning it goes great with high-waisted jeans!

I layered my look with a cozy knit two-tone scarf from Zara. Even though I recently got it in store, I couldn’t find it online anymore! But I did find a pretty close dupe here.

Cut out details on the Candice mid-rise super stretch skinny jeans by Grlfrnd Denim.

Ever since I wore these on Instagram, I’ve been getting a lot of questions on where they are from. I got these from an Adidas store in Paris, Champs Elysees! (How cool is that!) At that time, it was limited edition (Summer 2015). Luckily, you can also get it online here!




Jeans: Grlfrnd Denim

Jacket: Zara

Sneakers: Stan Smith

Scarf: Zara, similar here

Purse: Chanel Classic Flap


What is your go-to look for spring?

xo, Kerina


I’m a huge fan of tea, and anything related to detoxifying. With our everyday lives being as busy as we are, we often forget to eat the cleanest and have poor exercise regimes. What’s the end result? We end up feeling bloated, have no energy, can’t sleep well, insomnia, waking up not well rested and, well, the cycle continues.

When teatoxes came out, I jumped on the bandwagon and tried a few – to my dissatisfaction. They often make me run to the washroom (um laxatives anyone?) or just simply don’t taste the best. My experience with SkinnyMint so far has been nothing but positive and I can’t wait to share my honest experience.

SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox come in 2 steps, the daytime tea and the nighttime cleanse. One complete teatox cycle lasts 28 days, you’ll have one morning boost tea every day, and one night cleanse tea every other day.

All of SkinnyMint’s ingredients are listed on the back of the packaging, along with the instructions on how and when to best enjoy the tea. All the herbs used are natural and ethically sourced. I love how the morning boost tea contains caffeine, so INSTEAD of that daily coffee, I reach for my SkinnyMint morning boost tea and simply have it with my breakfast.

I noticed that I didn’t experience a “crash” like what I would if I had coffee. The taste is minty and refreshing, and I steep it with hot water OR I throw some ice in it and make some iced tea for my on-the-go runs. Both tastes amazing.

When I’m done for my day, I find that a few hours after dinner, I crave a little something as a late night snack. Prior to starting SkinnyMint teatox, I would have a few cookies or a chocolate bar (DON’T LEARN FROM ME! HEHE). But now, instead of reaching for that chocolate, I go for a yogurt, some fruits, and a cup of the night cleanse tea. I LOVE anything ginger, so having that ingredient in the tea definitely helped make my tummy happy.

I find that unlike the other teatoxes, my tummy doesn’t contort in a way that makes me run to the bathroom IMMEDIATELY. What I feel is actually a churning sensation that’s gentle and doesn’t hurt, but it definitely helped me getting all the gunk out of my system.


It’s now been 3 weeks since I started the teatox, and I feel less bloated, more energized, and strangely enough my sleep improved dramatically. If you’re looking for a teatox that is not strictly a laxative and actually helps you cleanse and rejuvenate, SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox is the way to go. Thanks for partnering with me on this!

I have ‘t had the time to workout with my little one, but if you pair this teatox with working out, eating healthy or a generally healthy lifestyle, I’m sure it’ll work wonders!

Have you tried any teatoxes? Which ones were your favorite?

xoxo, Kerina