Hello munchkin october pies,
HOW ARE YOU allllll??? I am super excited (when am I not? hahaha) to share with you the not so new Etude House Play 101 Pencils! There are 50 pencils in total, and they are meant to be SUPER multifunctional. Literally ALL the makeup that you can POSSIBLY put on your face can be reduced to a few of these pencils! They have shades that are “recommended” for lipsticks, but feel free to use those for blushes! Got a coffee brown color? Use that for eyeliner, eyebrows, or contouring! Super, super versatile.
Before we get into the review, I just wanna say that I personally am a huge fan and believer in HAVING FUN with makeup. PLAY around with different colors, textures, combinations! Be creative and YES, you CAN rock that aquamarine color as a lower lashliner. Trust me! More often than not you will be pleasantly surprised and how good it makes you feel about yourself, and that will in turn draw others to you!!!! *spam lots of hearts*
This review will feature 8 of the 50 colorful pencils, and is kindly gifted to me by KollectionK. They are an online store based in South Korea with a wide (by wide I mean HUGE) collection of Korean makeup brands like Etude House, InnisFree, and Tony Moly! They even have clothes and accessories too! By comparison, I found that they carry a lot more Etude House products than other online stores, and their online prices for most Etude House products are generally lower than other online sites. The Etude House Play 101 Pencil was around $7 USD, where I know of other online sites who price them around $10-$11.
And KollectionK was so nice to also gift a freebie PENCIL CASE to me when I ordered 8 pencils! Imagine a schoolgirl squeal. Yup that’s me when I opened the package! The 8 that I got were:
#12, #15, #16, #17, #28, #33, #48, #01
#01 is the blackest black in their collection designed to be used for eyeliner, and OMG, I’ve tried smudging this RIGHT when I drew it on, IT. DID. NOT. SMUDGE. ONE. BIT. Don’t believe me? See Video Demonstration Here.
#12 is a gorgeous bright red with an orange undertone. It can give you that perfect Red Lip, or it can be used on the inner lips to give that Gradient Lip Effect.
#15 is a pinkish coralish color with a creamy finish, and i would say that this one is the only one among the rest that I found did not look like the color in the tube. As you can probably see, the color payoff on my skin isn’t quite as vibrant as it seems in the tube. So if you’re looking to buy this color, YOU’RE WELCOME =D
#16 is a perfect matte rose mauvy color. Its warmness can be used in so many different places, as an eyeshadow wash, as blush, or on the highlights of your lip that you want to appear plumper. Love this!
#17 is my favorite color out of the bunch. If you read my Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips review, you will know that I MEGA SUPER DUPER OMEGA LOVE electric fuschia lip colors! And this one is JUST that. It’s so fuschia it’s almost purple..gosh that gives my tummy the flutters.
#28 is my second favorite color of the bunch… it’s FREAKING rose gold (like come on, WHO doesn’t like rose gold? It’s like the Tiffany of colors nowadays) and it has a shimmer finish. This has got to be the ONLY SHIMMER PENCIL that DOES NOT SMUDGE. Thanks Etude!!! You know where this goes. Anywhere you want highlighted – inner corner of your eye, lower waterline, eyeshadow wash, browbone, cupids bow, OMG LIKE ENDLESS USE! #endlesspossibilities
#33 is a subtle taupe color that will be YOUR BEST FRIEND when you want to do the most subtle no-makeup-makeup look. Great for lining your lower waterline, and contouring your nose / jawline!
#49 LAST BUT NOT LEAST this is a deep brown coffee color that is again super versatile. I primarily use this color to draw on my eyebrows, or when I’m not feeling like a super deep black eyeliner. You can also smoke out the brown liner to create sexy smokey eyes or use it as a crease color!
All 8 colors and their numbers on my arm. #don’tjudge #ihave #armhairs #guesswhat #so #do #you =D
In summary, 
These pencils are one of my FAVORITE things to use now for makeup, especially when I’m travelling! Guess what, all I need is #48 and #17 to define my brows, line my eyes (smokey or non smokey), color my lips and cheeks. #MAKEUPCOMPLETE. They even have a beige colored one that I heard is better than your average concealer… O.O Seriously guys, these pencils are the most versatile things ever. At the end of the day… makeup is just pigmentation with different finishes. These pencils are designed to have either matte, creamy, shimmer, glossy, or glitter finishes. That means while they cover the spectrum of originality and multifunctionality, it can be pretty difficult to generalize their smudging / staying power.
I CAN VOUCH for the smudgeproof-ness of #01 and #28 though! Which are amazing because they are cream and shimmer finishes! If you are feeling a little bit adventurous or if you wanna PLAY AROUND with makeup the non-traditional way, give these pencils a try! There are 42 other shades that I havn’t tried that I am dying to get my hands on (and will very likely purchase the whole thing one day lol)!
OH AND… DID I MENTION I HAVE A YOUTUBE VIDEO REVIEW ON THESE PENCILS AS WELL? Told you guys I’m obsessed! And the winner of my previous Etude House Giveaway Set is announced in the Video so click Play !

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Hello beautiful ulzzangs!!!

Since my Cheon Song Yi Inspired Video, I’ve gotten a lot of requests of how to do the Korean Ulzzang Gradient Lips!!! It’s called so many things omg, like ombre lips, two-tone lips, just bitten lips etc…. You get the idea. Essentially it’s darker on the inside of the lips and lighter outside, to give the illusion that you are youthful and innocent !! O.O

I also mostly used my Etude House Dear my Blooming Lip Talk Lipsticks from this blog post!

Keep in mind that there are so many versions of the gradient lip, some are vampy and dry looking that looks like you literally bit your inner lip and it’s bleeding O.O I personally don’t find that very attractive…. but if that’s more of your thing you can certainly make it work!! ^^
My version is more subtle, especially since I packed on the gloss to neutralize everything and not make it seem like I am severely dehydrated to the point where I have to drink my own blood…
Let me know what you thought!
Also I thought my hair looked FANTASTIC in the video so if you didn’t think I did such a good job on the lips… at least I have awesome hair ^^
xoxo, Mango

Wahahiii lovely pixiedust!!!
If you guys read my previous posts, you’ll know that I am a HUGE Etude House fan. Especially with their super girly packaging and the super affordable prices, it’s almost irresistible! However they do carry some stuff that I am just totally not impressed with (will blog about them later!). I have never tried any of their lip products, and was soooo excited to try the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk !!
I think these lipsticks are SOOO PRETTY on the outside and on the inside, with the Etude House logo imprinted on the lipstick themselves! The pink sparkly bow can also be taken off and worn as rings *super girly*
 RD304 – Exciting Red – I love this color! The photos don’t do it justice, it’s a very vibrant red that is very buildable!
OR205 Exciting Orange – This color sounds like it’ll be very vibrant.. but it doesn’t really live up to its name- it’s not too orange in real life, which means it’s definitely more natural!
 OR204 – Shame Coral. I don’t know what’s so “shame” about this shade – this is a softer shade of orange with a pink tint to it. I love it! It’s super soft and romantic, and would be ideal for dates or a natural look
PK005 – Exciting Pink. Again, not really that “exciting”. This is soft, baby pink with a cool undertone – It’s super lovely – IF you can pull it off. I found that with lighter shades it’s harder to pull off, and the colors do get more noticeably stuck in the lines of your lips (no matter how hard you exfoliate before!)
 PK004 – Breathtaking Pink. Ta-dah! I saved my favorite for last. This is the only lipstick in the bunch that I think actually lives up to its name. It’s an electric, shocking magenta. It’s perfect for that POP of color especially in the winter, and all the attention is on you! I also like the glossy effect this color has on its own!
Packaging: 6/10
You may realize that.. all lipsticks look exactly the same with the cap on. O.O It may not be a problem when you only have one of these lipsticks in your lipstick stash, but when you have multiple colors, they become incredibly difficult to identify which is which. (the sticker on the bottom don’t really help either since they are all the same shade of pink…) But I guess lots of other lipstick brands do the same thing… I just want to hammer their lipstick line producer heads and ask what are you thinking when you released them? How do you keep track of your colors?  >.<”
Color Payoff: 8/10
Great color payoff – basically what you see in the lipstick tube is mostly what will be the color of your lips. The brighter, deeper colors are definitely more buildable than the lighters ones though. For the lighter colors, it’s easy to have the color lodged in between the lines of your lips. And no, i don’t blame my lips because I moisturized and exfoliated the crap out of them before I wearing them.
Lasting Power: 8/10
Very Very good. I can wear them for about 4 hours (including talking, licking my lips, drinking water etc) without the color starting to fade. However they do transfer… so be careful to wear your crisp white shirt first before putting on a layer of electric pink lipstick. Slap on a layer of gloss on top, and you’ll even more prolong the lasting power!
Comfort: 9/10
They can be somewhat sticky when first applied, but I like to think of it as moisture. They certainly do not dry out your lips (hate it when that happens! As if our lip lines aren’t bad enough), and you don’t feel like your lips are caked with heavy formula either!
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  Have Fun !!!❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤❤
Update: Watch my Video on Gradient Lips using these products! 
xoxo, Mango