Hello my little devils,
I love trying out new things, and for the new year, I’ve decided to give more new things I try because that’s how I stay current with trends! Hahaha so this time the generous Love Shoppingholics (who is slowly becoming my best friend) gifted me Little Devil Cosmetics to try out for the new year! The Little Devil makeup products are the new up and coming makeup brand in Taiwan!
The packaging is so, SO SO SO cute!!! *squeal* I got the

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      Hello lovelies, 
For the upcoming Holiday Season, the super-awesome network Destination Femme and I have partnered up to give 3 of my favorite makeup items away to one of you lucky lucky stars!!! If you’ve been following my blog / Instagram you would know that I am a BIG FAN of hosting giveaways, I’m totally addicted to that feeling of giving to my followers for all their love and support throughout my blogging journey! So for this particular one, ONE lucky winner will receive: 

1 NARS blush in ORGASM
1 BENEFIT POREfessional primer
These items are HAND-PICKED by me and are my favorite must-haves for any season, any look! 
To enter, 
2. Follow me on Instagram (@mangorabbitrabbit)
3. Find my Giveaway Photo on Instagram and tag 3 friends you know would love these items!
Find this pic on my Instagram to enter! 

*Open to North-America readers, ends Dec 24 2014*
xoxo, Mango

Hello frozen fairies! 
Today is the first day of December! Like, WHERE DID ALL THE YEAR OF 2014 GO!?!?!? Isn’t it crazy to think that one year just passes by like THIS *snaps fingers*. Sooner or later we’ll all be travelling at the speed of light! Anyway, this December, I’ll be sharing some of my holiday festive season favourites, and this bunch of goodies from Essence Cosmetics is one of them! 
 If you haven’t heard of Essence Cosmetics, they are a cosmetic brand originated in Europe, but has expanded to Canada lately. Their makeup products are top quality, fun, flirty, and best of all, NOT EXPENSIVE AT ALL! For the price of one high-end blush you can probably buy 10 Essence blushes. #notkidding. Thank you Faulhaber Communications for this Essence goodie bag!

Essence All about Sunrise and All about Nude Eyeshadow Palettes
Single eyeshadows in Black Goddess, Disco Diva, My Baby Blue, and Chill Out
Shimmer metal glam eyeshadows in coffee to glow, chocolate jewelry, and golden up!
These are one of my favorites! Gel liner in a pencil, they are waterproof and smudgeproof, and EASY TO APPLY! 
Swatches of the Gel liners. Look at the teal! That will look gorgeous as an upper or lower liner!
Can you believe these lipsticks retail under $7 each? 

Swatches for the lip liner – also one of my favorites! Super creamy, long lasting, and less than $3!!!
Ultrashine Lipgloss that’s somehow super shiny and nonsticky. “true love” and “big night out”
Swatches for True Love and Big Night Out! The miniscule shimmer particles will really oomph up your lips! (excuse the arm hairs)
Effect Nail Polishes is perfect on its own or as a topcoat for that extra bling
I save my favorite for last. Essence polishes are very comparable to the consistency of Opi polishes and the durability of Essie, but costs under $3 each! Super, SUPER recommend!
Canadian residents, you’re in luck! If you haven’t already noticed, Essence cosmetics is exclusively only found in Shoppers Drug Marts and Pharmaprix all across Canada, and they have tons more fun and high quality makeup items than what I’ve listed. To me, one of the most important factors in expressing yourself through makeup is TO HAVE FUN. And it’s not a ton of fun if that costs about $50 per eyeshadow. Essence cosmetics really embodies what I believe to be daring, fun makeup, great for beginners or those on a budget, as most of their items cost under $8! You don’t need to break the bank to look beautiful! 
Have you tried any Essence makeup products? 
What are some of your favorite items!?
xoxo, Mango

Hihi cutie kittie pies! 
As much as I hate to admit it, I’m kinda in the hello kitty bandwagon just like many of my other asian friends / bloggers hahaha!  she is just TOOOO cute and when you introduce hello kitty to the land of makeup and skincare products, you’ve hit jackpot! Here’s the 3 hello kitty facewashes (branded under ROSETTE) that I tried out recently…and sharing my thoughts with you all! 
From Left to Right, the 3 face washes are the Acne Wash, Strong Mint Wash, and the Cleansing Wash. Can you look at the packaging please OMGGGG it looks soooooooo cute! Who can resist?!?!

A picture of what the facewashes look like when you squeeze them out of the tube. 
For reference, the Acne wash is a smooth (quite normal looking) white paste, the strong mint wash is (just like the bottle), black, and the Cleansing Wash is a bit misleading as there are tiny gritty particles in the paste that is more suitable for exfoliating. 
The Acne Wash has a very very distinctive scent. You may think I’m random but it LITERALLY smells 100% like Pocari Sweat. No exaggeration here. It’s not a terrible scent, but it’s just funny how sometimes in the middle of washing my face I’d get that..hmm..i miss pocari sweat feelings! ^o^ The paste lathers up REALLY WELL (as do all ROSETTE facewashes), so you only need a tiny bit to cover your entire face. It does leave your skin feeling squeaky clean, so be prepared to follow up with a strong moisturizer! In terms of reducing acne, I havn’t been able to see much results in that, which is disppointing but I only get the occasional zit so… don’t buy this expecting zit-zapping results!

The Strong Mint Wash is my least favorite one of all three. This kitty is NOT messing with you – the name of the facewash totally captures its essence – IT. IS. STRONG. Not just your regular type of minty, refreshing facewash, it’s SO STRONG that my eyes will start to feel the mintiness in less than a minute. Even after rinsing the product off, my face still felt the strong (almost stinging) sensation of the mint. Not my favorite type of feeling. But I do think it’s a GREAT WAY to force yourself to wake up on early mornings! 
Saving my favorite for last! Sorry guys, it’s so obvious this one’s my favorite because you can tell I’m almost out of it (ahahaha kitty is deformed!) I have super oily skin, so I love the kind of facewashes that strip away all dirt and oil, leaving it squeaky clean. It also has exfoliate beads in it which forms the gritty texture and smells like soapy apples. I use it every single night, and I love how cleaaaaan my skin feels right after! I also pile on the toner / serum / moisturizer right after, because my skin tends to get dry FAST after coming out of the shower. 
In conclusion, Rosette’s hello kitty facewashes are extremely suitable for combination to oily skin, because most of them tend strip EVERYTHING off your face to leave your skin squeaky clean. Sometimes if I’m feeling lazy, I’d even skip my makeup removing step (I know, super bad, do not do this but we all know there’s the extremely tired/lazy days) and use this facewash right away, and it’s never led me to breakout or anything. They lather up REALLY well, so you only need a little bit each time so they last a super long time! They are also extremely economical, costing around $7-9USD on Sasa.com. I would recommend all your oily skin girlies to give it a try! 
(Plus who can turn down a cute hello kitty facewash right? ^.^)
Which is your favorite face wash????
Do Share!!! 
xoxo, Mango

Hi Hi Hi santa babies!!!
I’ve always been super curious to try those monthly subscription beauty boxes, but couldn’t find any good ones which contain Korean / Asian beauty products! So when Beauteque sent me their November bag to test out, I was BEYOND EXCITED! In case you’re wondering, Beauteque is an online boutique that carries a WIDE selection of korean and japanese brand name beauty and skincare products, such as Elisha Coy, Holika Holika, Etude House, Innisfree, It’s Skin to name a few! They also have this program called the monthly BB Bag, where they include 5-6 items in a cute makeup bag that totals over $60 in value but you only pay $22 for it! Let’s see what I got in my November BB Bag:
Package contains:
1. Mizon collagen power eye cream
2. Mizon goodnight sleeping mask
3. It’s Skin green tea calming lip and eye cleansing pads
4. Fragrance-face blotting rice sheets
5. The Face Shop 5 blackhead strips
6. Scarf (scroll down for pic)
And a super cute bright yellow makeup pouch!

OK Just the Mizon products alone sold me. If you knew me then you’ll know I am (newly but truly) obsessed with Mizon products (read my Mizon 8% AHA peeling serum review here!)
1. Mizon collagen power eye cream
2. Mizon Goodnight Sleeping Mask
3. It’s Skin green tea calming lip and eye cleansing pads
4. Fragrance-face blotting rice sheets
5. The Face Shop 5 blackhead strips
6. Scarf just for winter!
Thank you Diya for the BB Bag and the super personal card!
Unlike your conventional monthly subscription boxes, there is no monthly subscription required or any fees associated with that! If you would like to purchase a bag for that month, you can just hop on to Beauteque’s website and purchase a bag! I also love how shipping is included in the $22 that we pay for all 6 products that’s worth $65USD!! But what I love even more is how dedicated to customer service Beauteque is – Diya is super amazing at replying emails and any questions that you may have, and I love customized cards which really show the team’s appreciation and professionalism.



This November BB Bag is available for shipping both to the US and Canada, so get yours here!
I love all the products in the BB Bag, but feel free to let me know which one(s) you would like me to dive into an in-depth review on!!!! Love you all!!
xoxo, Mango