Hi! I would like to share with you the best photoshoot locations in Los Angeles, according to me! Let’s get started right away :)


THE pink wall, all bloggers’ dream come true. Located on Melrose Ave, it’s the Paul Smith store in West Hollywood. Come here in the mornings so it’s not too busy, and remember to shoot IN THE SHADE so there’s no HARSH SHADOWS! You’re welcome.


If you’re a huge fan of flowers, there’s a huge bougainvillea area near the CBS television station in West Hollywood, just circle around til you find the most vibrant, lush bloom of purple and magenta flowers! They look awesome with bokeh ;)


Rodeo Drive! This one needs no explanation. Unless you’re super loaded and actually visiting to physically buy stuff, I suggest coming in before the stores open (around noon on weekends) and walk around, if you want to take pictures this is the perfect time to dodge all the tourists and mega rich, who I’m assuming will be annoyed that you’re in their way from Chanel to Prada.

Tip: Dress posh! Please don’t be in your sweatpants while doing a photoshoot here :)

For some reason Brandy Melville stores get LOADS of likes on all social media, so if you’re looking to boost your like counts, this is where you go. Snap a pic, boom, get on Explore. Any Brandy stores will do, just google it :)

Doesn’t this pic scream I HIKED ALL THE WAY UP TO THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN!? More like drive all the way up and walk 2 minutes. Want to take an epic picture with the Hollywood sign without parking at the bottom (they make you do that) and trek allllll the way up? Google: “Lake Hollywood Park”. They don’t want you to know about this because it contains private residences who may complain if crowds levels get out of hand. But now you know! Again, you’re welcome.

Santa Monica Pier! OK everyone should know about this one but just in case you live under a rock  don’t, It’s a small amusement park near the Santa Monica Beach. You can go on the ferris wheel, or eat snacks and play games. AND pose like a model on the beach.


This is my hidden secret photoshoot location guys. Not to be smug or anything but I think I deserve props for being a daredevil on top of a valley!!! This is road 32, south of Thousand Oaks for those who are wondering, it’s a super windy path with TONS of amazing views – not that many people know about it!

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Where is your wanderlust taking you this summer 2016? 

xoxo, Kerina



Hello lovelies! It’s been a super long time since I’ve updated – HAPPY 2016! I’m super excited to announce that I’ve fulfilled a part of my dream – to open an online store!

MANGO RABBIT has been created to bring my fashion sense to you guys, all over the world! 

This journey has not been an easy one, there are ups and downs associated with every new business venture, so thank you so everyone who stood by me and supported me through all this! There are always some bad apples among us but I am choosing to focus my energy on the positives in life. Karma will get them one day. (i.e. falling into a cow dung pit, their periods leaking everywhere, drinking a full cup of soap etc)

A new year brings new excitement to the store, hope everyone can have a super fashionable new year with all the new arrivals!


Which is your favorite?

We stayed near Trocadero station and got to visit my favourite place in the whole wide world EVERY MORNING <3.  This resulted in my favourite travel pic of all time!!!

A trip to Paris isn’t complete without a visit to the Versailles

Then we were off to Venice (tip: the most beautiful part of Venice is actually Burano!)

Florence had the best and most romantic sunset I have ever experienced at Michelangelo’s Square!

All roads lead to Rome, and Sophie Charlotte; this entire outfit is from there!

Santorini was the perfect place to finish off a busy Eurotrip


In case you were wondering, this was a 3 week trip that my hubby and I took as a late honeymoon.  Here are some our favourite full sized pictures!

DSC_3607 DSC_4448 DSC_4565 DSC_4668 DSC_4674 DSC_5241 DSC_5297 IMG_8422 IMG_8654 IMG_8759 IMG_8838 IMG_8889 IMG_8903



Confession: I recently have a not-so-secret obsession with YSL lipsticks. I tried one back in summer 2014 and fell in love but didn’t really have the funds to fork out a good chunk of money ($44CAD) for a LIPSTICK. Then something happened a week ago (not sure what) and I couldn’t stop thinking about it…so I finally splurged on my first YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in #32 – Pink Independent. Before and After pics below! *heart eyes*

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