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Do you remember in my previous post when I talked about some ideas for a winter retreat? Well, we had the privilege to spend a weekend at the ultra luxurious Four Seasons Toronto Hotel. We were lucky enough to be accommodated for the 1 Bedroom Corner Suite for the hubby and baby Lucas too!

Comfy comfy!


They didn’t forget the bubblies!

Overall, I want to say that the experience was great. From the moment we saw the suite, we were quite impressed. The room was HUGE! The atmosphere was great and the staff made us feel right at home! I’m going to describe the experience in much more detail down below. My advice is that this really is the perfect place for family or an important occasion. Hello, last-minute Valentine’s Date idea!

Morning with my favorite two cuties! Don’t worry there is no coffee in the cup

The main bedroom, complete with a toddler’s crib

A present for Lucas!

The view from our full ceiling window

Look at all that space! We would have some friends over later

Beautiful bathroom, complete with a digital mirror

The amazing master bathroom

Lucas is sizing daddy up! :D

We took Lucas out for dinner

Charcuterie board and fried cauliflower

lyon-style northern pike quenelle with cognac-lobster sauce

Seared scallops


Service: 10/10

Four Seasons is known for their personalized and highly attentive service. Every experience and encounter made us feel like VIPs. In a pinch, staff were able to deliver flowers, extra trays and even a microwave for heating up some take-out. Everyone knew our names and addressed us in a professional and courteous manner and it all surpassed my expectations!


Location: 10/10

This hotel is located in Yorkville, one of the most elegant parts of the city and not saturated with the usual downtown crowds. We look leisurely strolls around the coffee shops and a mandatory visit to the Chanel flagship store in Toronto. Besides from luxury shopping and fine dining, there were some photoshoot spots for me as well. Later in the evening, my friends had no problems visiting us, as the hotel is also one block away from Bay St Subway Station.


Dining and Breakfast: 8/10

The Four Seasons team treated us to a very nice dinner CAFÉ BOULUD. Inspired by Chef Daniel Boulud’s family’s meals in Lyon, the menu features French classics and many unique tastes as well. I ordered the seared scallops and the hubby tried the signature QUENELLE DE BROCHET (lyon-style northern pike quenelle with cognac-lobster sauce). They also have a Winterlicious / Summerlicious Menu if you’re interested.
As for breakfast, nothing stood out to me in particular. I would have to stay it’s the only part of the hotel that didn’t surpass any expectations.


Room Features: 9/10

The room features various gadgets such as an iPad menu, Bose stereo, mirror-TV in the bathroom and 2 flat screen TVs. There were two bathrooms as well as a toddlers crib provided on request. One of the bathrooms was spacious, with a very large bathtub and a view that washes away any stress. The hotel also gave us the little items we needed to take care of Lucas. This included a gifted Honest Company care set, diaper genie and a crib that Lucas mistook for a cute little jail.

Plenty of room in the bathroom

Lucas did not enjoy this crib though!


I hope you enjoyed my review. If you’re visiting Toronto, this should be one of your luxury hotel options!

Love, Kerina

PS. As noted from the start, we were lucky enough to get accommodated by the hotel. This blog post was done on my own accord. As always, all opinions are 100% my own!

Hello hello my lovelies! As you might already know, I always enjoy trying out and testing lipsticks, especially ones that look very promising. The LÓreal Matte Lipsticks is no exception. Pretty packaging is always a plus, and even though these ones have a more elegant feel to them rather than girly and cute, they are still eye-catching. Matte black and gold detailing are a very good match!

lóreal matte lipsticks the exclusives collection

As presented above, I am going to do an honest review of those five colors that range from light nudes to deep brown and more. Holidays are approaching quickly and I really can’t think of a better time to so some make up updates! Besides, it’s always loads of fun to try out new products =D

LÓreal Paris Matte Lipsticks

#703 – A gorgeous pink nude. Perfect to use for natural make-up looks, as it’s definitely not too bold. It’s downside is, as you can see on my lips, that the color is not as prominent when you wear it. The tube definitely makes it seem like a deeper color.

LÓreal Paris Matte Lipsticks

#712 – OMG, this one is VIBRANT! If you’re kind of gal who needs a bold fuchsia lipstick in her collection, this could be a great choice. I feel like it even gives the effect of plumper lips!

LÓreal Paris Matte Lipsticks

#800 – A nude shade. Unfortunately, the color payoff on the lips is not very similar to the shade in the tube. It has a pinkish undertone, and you might want to add more coats to make the color deeper.

matte lipsticks lóreal try outs

#802 – A deeper shade of nude! If you want something a bit more pigmented than the previous one, I suggest you go for this shade. Again, the color in the lips is not as strong as it is in the tube, however, I think it looks quite cute overall!^^

matte lipsticks lóreal try outs

#804 – LOVE this one! It’s deep brown color and I was very surprised on how good it looks on the lips. The ideal color to rock during those autumn days. This also probably has the most matte effect out of all the lipsticks in this collection.



As I mentioned in the beginning, I think the packaging has it’s strong point as it looks very elegant. There is also a good way to differentiate them, as they each have a specific signature. For example, #703 dubbed “Eva’s Pink” has a golden signature on it.


The lighter colors didn’t look as strong on the lips as they did in the packaging. You might have to apply one more layer if you want the full color effect, especially with the light nude ones! However, the fuchsia and deep brown tubes were very pretty. If you’re looking for the extreme pigment and matte effect, this collection might not exactly be your cup of tea. Those lipsticks are subtle, everyday colors that will give a natural vibe to your look^^


My favorite is number #703, it’s that perfect MLBB shade that’s perfect for everyday wear. For fall, my favorite is definitely #804 – it screams chic and can “dress your face up” even if you’re wearing minimal makeup!

Which is your favorite shade? Any new lippie loves lately? Please share!


XO, Kerina