Abercrombie & Fitch – What I ordered vs What I got

white polo top https://bit.ly/3rgv4yS
Nike tennis skirt https://bit.ly/3swtp96
    OUTFIT 1
white top https://bit.ly/39p1FMT
blue floral midi skirt https://bit.ly/3MOaMFj
cork heels https://rvlv.me/VVu3UY
    OUTFIT 2
pink halter top https://bit.ly/38Rqf96
white pleated skorts https://bit.ly/37go3HM
nike air force shadows, white https://bit.ly/2YwKeo6
    OUTFIT 3
black midi dress https://bit.ly/3s6jmaH
cork heels https://rvlv.me/VVu3UY
    OUTFIT 4
pink dress https://bit.ly/3kE7Uig
nike air force shadows, white https://bit.ly/2YwKeo6

be sure to accessorize with my designs:

18k gold plated rings & earrings - $24
18k gold plated chains - $29

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