Amazon Products from my Orders List – Stuff that I actually love!

Hi guys,

Amazon Prime is today and I’m doing some last minute shopping as usual.  A lot of you ask about the other gadgets I have around the house so here it is, Stuff I Actually Ordered and Love from Amazon!

My Actual Amazon Browsing History

Before we begin I think it’s important to show you guys how much I actually research and browse for on Amazon, here’s my history. I use Amazon for base layers and accessories, especially high quality fabrics that are soft & stretchy.  That’s why I love my finds and yes I’ve tried-on Skims which are NOT BETTER than the fabrics I’ve found below.

Don’t worry I’ll link the essentials, keep scrolling down ^ ^

Kerina Wang Amazon


Clothing Essentials

Pumiey (NOT AN AD, affiliate link)








Used in my lookbooks


Used in my lookbooks


Home & Decor

kerina wang gold rack

This shelf actually looks amazing I love it!! If you watch my channel at all then you’ll know I’ve permanently swapped over to this one.  The wheels at the bottom look nice and are easy to roll.  Overall it’s really sturdy and has great reviews.

Buy it here!

House Keeping

steamer, conair ( $29)
turbo (not really) steamer, conair ( $73)


Amazon Prime Day 2023 Deals I’m Liking!

Levi’s Top Sellers!

Amazon’s Top Seller! Levi’s Women’s 501 Original Shorts (Also Available in Plus) ( $29)
Levi’s Women’s 726 High Rise Flare Jeans ( $25)


Levi’s Women Deals!


New Balance Women Deals!

new balance amazon deals

If you’re looking to get your hands on some newer New Balance shoes here!




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