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    So I did a poll on IG the other week and half of you said you’re back to school while the other half said you’re done school lol regardless if you’re going back to school or not,  the most important thing about fashion is 👏 TO 👏 DRESS 👏 COMFY!!!

    So here are my essentials and also how I have styled them.

    ESSENTIAL #1 –  cargo pants

    This is my #1 essential for school because there are SO MANY POCKETS. Literally can fit all your snacks, drinks, secret love letters to your crush, etc. The one I’m wearing above has 8 POCKETS!! Here are my favs: 

    grey cargo pants (s $34)
    black cargo jeans (xxs $28)
    drawstring cargo pants (s $20)


    ESSENTIAL #2 – flannels

    Nothing screams fall than flannels lol it’s a great throw-over when it gets a bit chilly and when it gets hot, just tie it around your waist! Obvi I got mine oversized.

    green plaid flannel (L $14)
    beige plaid flannel (L $18)


    ESSENTIAL #3 – leggings

    This may be not dress code appropriate idk if anything, just put on a long top/jacket or tie a flannel on your waist. 

    GLOWMODE FeatherFit™ Flared Leggings (Lululemon dupe!) (S $26)

    GLOWMODE FeatherFit™ Crossover 24″ Legging (Lululemon dupe!) (XS $23)

    lululemon Align™ High-Rise Pant 28″ (4 $98)


    ESSENTIAL #4 – varsity baseball jackets

    I LOVE VARSITY JACKETS!! It makes me feel like I’m in college again lol I find it soo cute paired with a skirt too. And obviously, I got mine oversized!

    red varsity baseball jacket (L $34)

    green varsity baseball jacket (M $67)


    ESSENTIAL #6 – backpacks/tote bags

    Because DUH?? Lol I know some people carry tote bags instead cuz it’s so much cuter and they just carry their textbooks in their arms. But backpacks are just as cool too!!

    white tote bag ($15)

    cream corduroy tote bag ($8)

    canvas tote bag ($16.77) 

    green tote bag ($11)

    pink tote ($68)


    ESSENTIAL #7 – oversized zip-up hoodies

    I need to own more different colored oversized zip-up hoodies!! Love that effortless slouchy look. Zip it all the way up when it gets chilly and throw on the hoodie part! 

    white hoodie (L $16)
    black hoodie (L $35)
    beige hoodie (L $16)


    ESSENTIAL #8 – crewnecks/sweatshirts

    I love collecting different city sweatshirts, I think I own like 10 by now lol.

    New York sweatshirt (M $45)
    cropped sweatshirt (2 $70)
    grey sweater (L $23)


    👇👇👇  You can also watch my BACK TO SCHOOL CASUAL LOOKBOOKS down below  👇👇👇

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