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Beauteque March BB Bag Reveal

    It’s March! Time is flying by this year and I can’t believe we are already a quarter through the year! O.O But on the bright side, it’s time for a Beauteque March BB Bag Reveal! Read my previous BB Bag reveals here, and here! In case you are new to my blog (HI!!!! I’m nice!) and don’t know what the Beauteque BB Bags are, they are a monthly subscription service which includes 7 – 8 beauty, skincare, fashion or lifestyle products in every bag. The value of these products are worth way over $65, while you only pay about a third of that!

    Here’s what’s in the March BB Bag:



    With each BB Bag, you get literally a bag filled with goodies~ this month’s bag itself isn’t the prettiest one out of them all (see HERE for a much nicer looking BB bag) but I guess the products made up for it somehow. Which one first caught your eye?



    Mizon Modeling Cup Pack

    This is a jar filled with a dried powder type mask, how it works is you just add water to the jar, and use the spoon to stir it until it’s creamy, then you spoon the mask onto your face for some DIY-goodness!

    kerinamango_beauteque_march36The Face Shop Rice Toner

    I am sooooo excited about this – I’ve heard tons of good reviews about this one!


    Etude House Look At My Eyes Single Eyeshadow


    For some products in the BB Bags, you have the option of choosing among a few shades/flavours. This is one of them! There were a few eyeshadow shades to go with and I chose this beautiful mauvey plum color, perfect for that Spring smokey eye without going full black! <3


    The Face Shop Herb Day Massage Cream in Cucumber (For Dry Skin)

    This is another product that offers a choice of either cucumber or mugwort (don’t know what mugwort is? Find out here. You’re welcome ^^)

    This is the second full sized The Face Shop item included in this bag – it smells great, and is super hydrating. But it kinda left behind a slightly sticky film for my skin. Dry skin people will adore this!

    Beauteque Pore Control Blackhead Brush

    This brush is tiny and is so so so cute! According to Beauteque, you’re supposed to use this brush and circle around the area with blackheads and it’s supposed to help exfoliate the skin to reveal the blackheads. I’ve never tried it, but given how soft the brush is I doubt that will work wonders to stubborn blackheads… However! I have found a way to put this brush into REALLY GOOD USE!


    Because this brush is so tiny I love to use this brush to buff in my foundation powder around my undereyes, around my nose and all the other hard-to-reach places with a proper brush. It also works wonders for smudging nose-shading! HAHA <3


    Closeup of the brush – I can’t emphasize how soft it is!


    Okay we must also show some love to our hair, and this is the Tony Moly Pocket Hair Pack. I don’t know why it’s minibling, I guess they’re suggesting the resulting hair will be SO SHINY it will almost sparkle! Hahaha, can’t wait to use this on a trip someday and blind the people on the street with my BLING HAIR!


    A’pieu Take my hands Nail Sheet Pack (Avocado)

    Last but not least there is some goodies for our nails too – and this is also a product with flavour options to choose from: Avocado and Mixed Berries. Hello, I would LOVE for my nails to be as smooth as avocados please! I can see this being a really fun treat for a girl’s night in – just stick the packs on the tip of your fingers, leave it in for 15 minutes, then remove and rub the essence around the cuticles for a mini-pre-pedicure pamper!

    OMG! I love it! How does the BB Bag subscription work? 

    Why, I am so glad you asked! Unlike the other subscription boxes out there, you can choose to subscribe for  3/6/12 months prepaid periods, OR on a month-to-month basis. However if you subscribe after the 5th of a month, you’ll get the NEXT month’s bag instead, so decide fast when you want one! <3

    Monthly: $24 / bag

    3 months : $24 / bag

    6 months: $23 / bag

    12 months: $22 / bag

    If you’re in the US, you’re in luck because shipping fees are only 3.95 for the US!

    In all honesty, the Beauteque bags have never disappointed me. The value of all the products is way above $65, but we’re only paying $24 for it – which is over 60% off every bag! If you’re dying to get one or want more information, check out Beauteque Monthly’s site!

    Have you tried any of these, what do you think?

    Let me know! <3

    Kerina Wang

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