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Best Fleece Tights & Reviews – The Truth from the OG


    As someone who loves wearing skirts, fleece tights have been my solution for years.  If you’re here, then hopefully you’re in the same boat but have gotten some weird fits and colors in your hauls.

    Here is what I look for in all the tights I recommend and try:

    1. Stretchy, soft and comfy while thin
    2. COMFORTABLE; Not made of the plasticy material that’s been shown by others
    3. VERSATILE; it’s not 1 piece so if the black outer tights part snags, just swap to a new pair of tights
    4. Spandex or Nylon; secret to high stretch
    5. More skin color variety

    So look no further, here are the…


    These are super super affordable and yet comes in 3 brown variations.  I’ve featured it in my recent youtube reviews as part of my outfits.  It’s no wonder it’s a top seller in 2020 and still in 2023!  This is for those who love DAZY.

    Kerina Wang - Best Fleece Tights & Reviews - The Truth from the OG


    (SIZE UP)

    Kerina Wang - Best Fleece Tights & Reviews - The Truth from the OG




    Kerina Wang - Best Fleece Tights & Reviews - The Truth from the OG


    25% Nylon; this is the secret to a good stretch! (watch out for other tights with nearly 100% polyester, too much polyester makes terrible clothing)


    OG Viral TikToks since 2020

    I’ve been reviewing various fleece tights since 2020 and continue to hold brands accountable.

    Kerina Wang - Fleece Tights Viral Kerina Wang - Fleece Tights Viral 2 Kerina Wang - Fleece Tights Review - 11 tights for winter!



    There are the pair I wore to death for IG/TikTok because of the same reasons above, and it comes with a built in black leggings layer.  

    Kerina Wang - Best Fleece Tights & Reviews - The Truth from the OG



    But if it’s GOTTA HAVE POLY FLEECE..

    You live in Minnesota, you got it girl

    If you don’t mind Yestyle, please try these earlier fleece tights.  The same principles as before, only these are stretchier and the color is nicer than most.  Good luck!

    Kerina Wang - Best Fleece Tights & Reviews - The Truth from the OG




    Here’s The Truth

    The truth is that because fleece tights are so seasonal, every year we see suspect quality tights get spread on social media and small stores.  For example, the “#1 Bestselling Fleece Tights” on Amazon, 1000+ bought in the past month … but I guess not for the reasons above.  I’ve tried 5 different styles of winter / fleece tights on Amazon including the #1 Bestselling and they have the same issues I personally don’t like:

    1. Not stretchy enough for me (5’7″)
    2. Off colors that won’t match exactly your skintone even if you have the generic light skin
    3. Strange grey hues on the #1 bestselling tights
    4. Inconsistent manufacturers.  You REALLY don’t know where these tights are from
    5. Wrong pictures, when I bought the tights for review, the pictures showed fleece, but I didn’t get any fleece in the tights (Update: they’ve removed fleece from their pictures since)

    There might be a total product swap over with these tights, if you think I’m wrong and these tights work for you, congratulations!!

    Kerina Wang - The Best Fleece Tights & Reviews - Updated Regularly

    “Fleece Tights” vs “Lined Tights”

    I’ve spoken at lengths on YouTube about this.  The term fleece tights has been pretty much hijacked and if it’s not done well, you’re going to waste your money. 

    In my opinion, it’s sometimes better to have lined tights that match your skintone, then layer regular nylons/pantyhose over your lined tights.  However, I do understand that everyone has different tastes and simply prefer the ultra-fleecy one piece fleece tights.  Fleece tights will always have a time and place, especially for girls in very very cold climates like mine in Toronto!

    Your Comments Had Me

    “Canadian women don’t need this lol”

    — It’s kind of true and I’m in Toronto but the women here can be really tough lol

    “My thighs can never”

    — My 2nd best ones are actually maternity tights.  There can never be enough stretch and hopefully your thighs agree!!

    “its so easy to stay warm, just layer 3 pairs of everything and ur good to go”

    — lmaoo


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    PS. This Page is Updated Regularly

    It seems that even since 2020 when I first started showing fleece tights, brands have been “using” my videos but not really stocking high quality stretchy fleece tights.  There’s also a lack of skin diversity and consistency.  I do not endorse any specific brands for this type of clothing.

    Therefore we’ll be updating this page to reflect simply the best fleece tights reviewed each year.  If you have found a soft and stretchy pair, pls share with me!


    More Expertise; Highly Requested YouTube Review

    Besties you asked and I delivered!! I included pics so check them out!! Beware they will likely be out of stock soon!

    Don’t have time for a whole YT, the short TT version is here.

    Youtube video link below:

    black dress ( $16)
    gold rack ( $90)
    unbreakable sheer tights, Sheertex (xs $49)

      0:50 tights 1    
    fleece tights (smooth, true to size) (os $9)


      3:28 tights 2    
    fleece tights L-XXL (fits like XS!) ( $18)

      4:52 tights 3    
    thermal leggings, DAZY (sells out fast) (os $12)
    steve madden phoenixx (8 $170)

      7:12 tights 4    
    stretchy tights (3 colors)

    (coffee $8)


      8:54 tights 5    
    stretchy & smooth tights (recommended!) (black, OS $9)

      10:03 tights 6    
    tights (thinner, runs XS) (os $4.5)

      11:31 tights 7    
    thick black fleece tights (runs XS on legs, S on waist) (os $22)

      13:03 tights 8    
    black tights (runs XS on legs, S on waist) (os $14)

      14:45 tights 9    
    10/10 black fleece tights, DAZY (fits size S!) (L $12)

      15:56 tights 10    
    black fleece stirup tights (runs XS/S) (os $14)

      16:54 tights 11    
    fleece tights (Plain -L/XL $18)



    Kerina Wang

    Kerina Wang



    Kerina Wang - The Best Fleece Tights & Reviews - Updated Regularly

    Check out these girls!!  Not associated or affiliated, but they seem to have been working on this issue for a long time:


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