Do you want to know which companies I REALLY recommend? The ones with high quality stuff that I would want my friends to have!  So I contacted these companies to get you some some non-expiring coupon codes:


Free mitt from LOVING TAN - Code: Kerina

I'm way too lazy to go for tan appointments! I've been using Loving Tan since 2016. The application process may be a hassle, but the quality of the tan is way better than sprays! Check out


10% off any ShowPo order - Code: Kerina

ShowPo has been in my fashion wardrobe and turning heads since the starting days of IG! Can't go wrong with this high quality Aussie store and I love their aesthetics. It's safe to say I always have ShowPo in my closet. Check out


So many hair extension brands to choose from, but I've recently found Luxury for Princess to work for me. I found the colors to be more accurate and easier to match my existing hair. Check out NOTE: CODE only works for 220g and higher hair


20% off SHEIN FASHION - CODE: Kerina

SHEIN has seriously stepped it up since 2018! Some pieces I've ordered has been way better than expected for the price, while some pieces are just bad. Be sure to look at real reviews or haul videos!! I've never recommended a mega-Asia-based fashion store to my friends, but SHEIN is the exception! Check out (updated Oct 2018)

* 10% off healthy, pre-made meal plans - CODE: KERINA10

I've been using OneLifeMeals for years now! They deliver pre-cooked meals right to your door. It's kind my secret to staying fit and boosting my energy. The idea is to have healthy and portion controlled meals ALWAYS ready in my fridge, and I can skip the dishes!



* $3.33 for healthy food delivered - CODE: KERINA

Unlike OneLifeMeals, Goodfood delivers cold-boxes with all the things you'll need to cook healthy gourmet entrees yourself. I loved the whole experience! Plus, cooking is great fun when all the stuff is almost prepared! My code gets your $45 off any box.



$15 off MVMT Watches - code: Kerina15

There are lots of watch companies out there, but few pay so much attention to quality, details and ease of use. I have a tiny wrist and my MVMT watches were so easy to adjust! Check out

Did you find a discount you like? Please let me know on INSTA and leave a comment, I read them all! :)