Do you want to know which companies I REALLY recommend? The ones with high quality stuff that I would want my friends to have!  So I contacted these companies to get you some some non-expiring coupon codes:


Free mitt from LOVING TAN - Code: Kerina

I'm way too lazy to go for tan appointments! I've been using Loving Tan since 2016. The application process may be a hassle, but the quality of the tan is way better than sprays! Check out


10% off any ShowPo order - Code: Kerina

ShowPo has been in my fashion wardrobe and turning heads since the starting days of IG! Can't go wrong with this high quality Aussie store and I love their aesthetics. It's safe to say I always have ShowPo in my closet. Check out


So many hair extension brands to choose from, but I've recently found Luxury for Princess to work for me. I found the colors to be more accurate and easier to match my existing hair. Check out NOTE: CODE only works for 220g and higher hair


20% off SHEIN FASHION - CODE: Kerina20

SHEIN has seriously stepped it up since 2018! Some pieces I've ordered has been way better than expected for the price. I've never recommended a mega-Asia-based fashion store to my friends, but SHEIN is the exception! Check out, you won't regret it!


* $3.33 for healthy meals delivered - CODE: KERINA

Goodfood delivers cold-boxes with all the things you'll need to prepare healthy gourmet entrees. I loved the whole experience! Plus, cooking is great fun when all the stuff is almost prepared! My code gets your $45 off any box. *CANADA ONLY


$15 off MVMT Watches - code: Kerina15

There are lots of watch companies out there, but few pay so much attention to quality, details and ease of use. I have a tiny wrist and my MVMT watches were so easy to adjust! Check out

Did you find a discount you like? Please let me know on INSTA and leave a comment, I read them all! :)