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How I Trolled a Sex Scammer (StyleNanda)

    Hi every blogger, reader, girl and guy out there. 
    BEWARE OF SCAM. I can relate to almost every new blogger who will be thrilled to receive a collaboration email from the very popular apparel site, Style Nanda, to fly them over to Los Angeles for a fashion photoshoot, all expenses covered, while paid a hefty sum while at it. Please take the time to read through this conversation that I recorded down between me and the worst scammer on the internet.  This is way, WAY more unacceptable than my previous Unprofessional Sponsors post. 

    Sounds way too good to be true? Based on your broken Engrish and your Hotmail email domain, you’re probably a scammer. So I decide to TROLLLLLL you! My philosophy regarding the best way to deal with potential scammers-wannabes is NOT to ignore them, but to call them out as a scammer and spread the word to your fellow bloggers who may very well have received the very same email. I am ONLY replying to her and attempting to reveal her because I want to protect you guys from people like that, and that I am making very sure that I am not leaking any secure personal information of any sort online while doing so.

    So Guess what guys. I googled this Nicole Taki Xhang person, and it turned out that she/he has been using that exact name and email address on multiple PORN sites, claiming to recruit for ADULT FEMALE ACTRESSES to appear along a shoot with a “male lead”. It doesn’t take someone with half a brain to put 2 and 2 together and realize that this is either some kind of personal information / video scam where they try to get video footage of girls and post them illegally, without consent, onto pornographic dating sites. OR, they are just blatantly trying to perform human trafficking and sell girls off to the 3rd world country somewhere. Both are equally disgusting to me.

    You want my Skype name? Sure, it’s:

    “My Skype Account Name is “TrollTheFuckOuttaYou”

    To which she responded, she’s unable to pass that onto management. Why Nicole? Why not? Is it because of my broken Engrish on my Username? But I’m not judging you for your broken english, why are you judging mine? But she clearly, CLEARLY did not get my hint, and continued on to have me add “Soo Lang” on Skype, whoever she is.


     At this point, she is either blatantly dimwitted and have no idea that I have already called her out, OR she is so desperate for people to add her on Skype so she can online sex traffick girls. So I decided to print screen of my Google search of her name and send it to her. I don’t know if you guys can tell, but based on the URLs of certain sites alone I am almost 100% sure that this girl is NOT legit.

    To my email reply, our dear Nicole, who is strictly professional and part of a professional Style Nanda photoshoot campaign, went, “Oh, haha…..” in an explanation.


     Uh…. I don’t care what you do in your spare time using your personal HOTMAIL email, but you cannot be THIS stupid to know that in a real collaboration in the real world, people use their professional emails. Yup, in this case it would mean ending in domain. Oh you don’t have one? Let me show you how to do it properly.

    I am usually pretty hateful towards scammers because I do NOT tolerate online bullying of any sort, and an active advocate for fellow bloggers and girls who may fall pray to such scammers. However, this one is just so TERRIBLE at scamming that even I felt sorry for her I even included tips on her future SCAM agenda.

    As an ending note, I just wanted to warn everyone to please do your research on a potential “collaboration” sent by someone who even remotely seem as sketchy. And for Nicole and you other scammers out there reading this, please improve your game. Please at least let me have the fun of taking on a challenge of exposing you. And if you DO try to scam me or my fellow blogger friends, I WILL EXPOSE YOU.

    I know I am usually not this negative and serious in my posts but this really hit me in the wrong spot and I have ZERO TOLERANCE for scammers. The more we ignore them, the more success they potentially gain. Bloggers, let’s stand together and do our best to expose these scammers to all do our part in protecting innocent girls and boys from something terrible.


    A deeper search has led to me that this person may not just be a scammer and regular fan of poppers on Amazon, but maybe a sex trafficker.  Even the folks at an adult film forum are calling Taki out, it’s hilarious!  Here is Taki trying to recruit (unsuccessfully) innocent and amateur asian girls for adult films:

    Taki’s post history is Asian themed… at least she knows her target audience!

    Taki offering $600/hr, getting some replies

    Unfortunately, all of the replies fall into the category of THIS IS UTTER BULLSHIT

    Girls, be super careful out there.  I wish I could prevent people like this praying on girls, but I know there will always be baddies like this on the internet.  The best way is to stay smart and remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it is! :)

    xoxo, Mango

    34 thoughts on “How I Trolled a Sex Scammer (StyleNanda)”

    1. OMG! Yaaay . Thank you so much for sharing babe . Giving that nicole an “in your face” phrase! Hahaha! Way to go mango . People these days . Idk what they can from doing such. Sigh* You’re so brave love! Ill be careful from now on :)

    2. Thanks for this post. Honestly if they had emailed me, im not sure what I wouldve done :S So it’s great that you made this to make is aware of internet scammers for blogging :)

    3. Thank you, this is great!! I am very disgusted by people tricking others into shady stuff. If you honestly want to do that, that’s fine with me but people trying to do a “fashion shoot” when they try to secretly get footage or sell you for some porn…. wow. That’s utterly disgusting. I get spam emails all day long so unfortunately it would take my whole day to answer to every single one of them to call them out :/

      1. Lucky for me, gmail blocks most of these sketchy spammer messages, I don’t know how this one slipped through! It’s scary because for all I know, the person knows my blog and is reading this right not. *SHUDDERS* CREEPY!!

    4. Thank you for posting this! It’s so disgusting that there are people out there trying to do this shady stuff. It’s a good thing most bloggers are smart enough to ignore these…

    5. Oh wow, I have so many thoughts on this issue! The first is disgust – it’s so exploitative and demeaning on behalf of the scammer, especially because it seems like they are targeting people for whom English isn’t their first language. (The lack of punctuation and/or run-on sentences probably wouldn’t work on people who have a firm grasp of the language – at least, as a writer, I really hope they wouldn’t!) Second is confusion – is this seriously a productive use of their time? I think you may be right about the sex trafficking thing, because it seems like this kind of campaign is ridiculous for a handful of nudes! Ugh, I really don’t want to think about it.

      Thanks for being so vigilant Mango!

    6. That’s horrible !!! I’ve had my share of idiot ” photographers” in my line of work too . It’s good that you shared your experience to educate people on things they should be careful of . I’ve been molested and mistreated by these sort of impostors too . Wrote a blog post about my experience as well , so that people would not fall prey to these people again .

    7. Great detective work! Is there a chance to talk to the police about this? I don’t know if there’s something like e-police in your country, but in some others there’s a special section who can investigate this kind of crimes. Good luck to all.

      1. Omg at one point I was getting really angry thinking about this person, I told my hubby about this and he told me to be careful and not take this too far. Fortunately, someone on reddit has already reported this, but I’m not sure what will be done about this. It’s really really easy to hide yourself on the internet. The baddie can use what’s called a VPN to hide their location and it’s pretty much impossible to tell where that e-mail was sent from :(

    8. Oh my! Thanks for sharing this with us!
      I’ve laught so hard when I red this article :D haha Tears are briming over!
      It’s just so funny to realize that I’m not the only one who receives grazy scammer messages like this!

      Thanks for sharing!

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