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L.A. in the Winter – What I Wore

    Hi bunnies!

    I took a winter trip to L.A. and so many of you warned me about how cold it was.  Well luckily when I was there in mid December it was about 65F which is pretty much just like the fall here in Toronto!  I picked out a mix of comfy and dressy outfits that would keep me warm.  Shopping links are below each set of pictures, enjoy!

    Plaid Outfit at the Grove:

    Plaid Jacket (xs $32)

    Top (xs $24)

    Skirt (xs $13)

    Tights ( $61)

    Shoes (8 $28)

    Sparkle Tights at Rodeo Drive:

    Skirt (s $62)

    Tights (one size $5)

    Shoes (8 $26)

    Sweater ($35)

    Night Party with an Extra Tulle Dress:

    Tulle dress (s $43)

    Heels (39 $22)

    Shopping Trip:

    Jeans (25 $228)


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