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My 2014 Top Instagram Fashion Pictures

    Wonderful babies!
    I know many of you looked back on your year of 2014 and recounted some of the amazing things that happened. For me, a big part of 2014 was definitely growing my blog and becoming friends with more of you – both online and offline! Thank you guys for motivating me everyday, here’s a look at my TOP 10 INSTAGRAM PICTURES OF 2014! 

    Oh summer how I miss you! Honeymoon at Punta Cana.
    Photoshoot with the talented Asian Impressions
    Who can say no to PINK TRIANGL bikinis? No one! ^^
    Springtime 2014 – one of my happiest photoshoots!
    Fall in love with the Falls
    I can never forget my impromptu fun wedding dress shoot!!!
    Peeking through the petals
    First attempt at leather jacketing -it-up!
    You guys probably familiar with this one – part of my Winter Glam post!
    PoshSquare is an exciting new online shopping website – they supply to Nordstrom and Macy’s!
    With each post, I am thankful I have a purpose and an audience
    With each comment, I am thankful for every thought that was captured
    Hope 2015 is another life changing sparks flying passion sizzling year!
    Love you all!
    xoxo, Mango

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