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My Jewelry Collection – KERINA WANG x EN ROUTE

    HI BESTIES!!! 

    We finally launched my jewelry collection with En Route! I recently announced it on my Youtube video on Fall 2022 Fashion Trends and I got lots of love❤️ thank you!! I also went in detail in the planning and process and it took almost a year of back and forth with sampling, testing, etc. Did you know I actually have worn all year, even before launch?! A little easter egg in each video haha! I wanted to see if you guys were interested in the jewlery I was wearing and MANY OF YOU WERE!! Shoutout to the ones who actually scrolled down to my description box and saw I was gonna have a jewelry collection!



    I wanted classic and timeless pieces that anyone and everyone can rock, from all skin colors to all ages! I feel like all the pieces in this collection matches literally every outfit out there since they are minimalistic in design. You can dress up a simple boring outfit or complete that fancy outfit where you don’t know what jewelry to put on. Also, influenced by the iconic Hailey Bieber with her clean/cool girl looks – she is always rocking her gold jewelry! Lastly, everything is UNDER $30!  



    ✨ 18k gold plated stainless steel

    ✨FREE SHIPPING for both domestic and international orders over $40 USD

    ✨ En Route offers a 1 year quality guarantee for all purchases.

    ✨ Make sure to tag me so I can repost you!

    ✨ Use code KERINA15 for 15% off your order!



    Gold Twisted Hoop Earrings $21

    Gold Endless Hoop Earrings $18

    Thick Swirl Hoop Earrings $22



    Miami Cuban Link Choker Necklace $29

    Horseshoe Link Necklace $29

    3mm Herringbone Chain Necklace $22

    Thick Rope Chain Necklace $29



    Gold Link Ring $24

    Gold Twisted Ring $24

    Gold Curb link Ring $24


    All pictures belong to En Route

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