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OGL Shipping

    OGL Shipping to USA

    $9 in 7-9 business days

    OGL Shipping to Canada

    $9CAD in 7-9 business days

    Personally I’ve received several samples from them and got them no problems with Canada Post.  They are a smaller company so support is good once you get in touch with a serious issue.  I’ve never had any delays or misses though!


    UPDATED Sept 30 2023 from HERE

    Free Standard Shipping on orders over $69, excluding any applicable discounts.

    We learned that there has been a shipping delay due to the peak holiday seasons, as a result some packages may arrive a few days later than the estimated date. You may also find that tracking information is unclear, or isn’t updated right away.

    we totally understand that waiting would be uncomfortable. We don’t want you to worry, so w are working directly with the carrier to minimize the impacts, and doing everything possible to expedite your order.

    Kindly note that we will NOT accept order cancellation or change request if the order has already been shipped.

    Customers will be responsible for any additional fees needed to re-ship back your order due to the incorrect shipping address provided.

    Delivery Time=Order processing time + Shipping time

    1.Order processing time: the time we prepare your order for shipment. We will process all orders as quickly as possible, the processing time for most orders is 1-3 Business days

    2.Shipping time: The time to arrive after your order has shipped. Shipping times might vary depending on your shipping location and shipping methods.

    *Shipping time may take longer than the expected date due to an invalid address, customs clearance procedures, or other cause. If you’re experiencing shipping delays, please email and our customer service team will be able to assist you.

    Shipping Destination Shipping Method Shipping Charge Expected Delivery times
    US & AU & DE & UK & FR & IT & NL & NO & AT & DK & FI & SE & CZ & IE & CH & IS & NZ Standard $8.99 7-9 Business Days
    CA Standard $8.99 7-9 Business Days
    US & EU & AU Express $25 5-7 Business Days
    *Express shipping costs are based on the value of the total order.  ($25 for orders under $200, with an additional $25 per $100 increase in the total;$100 for over $400).
    Tip:We only ship to US, AU, DE, UK, FR, IT, NL, NO, AT, DK, FI, SE, CZ, IE, CH, IS, NZ, CA and it’s unable to ship to APO DPO FPO Box addresses via FedEx express.
    (The United States only includes the continental United States except for Las Vegas. Germany excludes Hiddensee: 18565
    North-Friesland Islands: 25849, 25859, 25863, 25869, 25938, 25946, 25980, 25992, 25996-25999 East-Friesland Islands: 26465, 26474, 26486, 26548, 26571, 26579, 26757 Helgoland: 27498 Neuwerk : 27499 Chiemsee: 83256 ,78266)

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