Curacao (Free Presets, Mobile Icons and Tutorial)

I have a present for you!  With so many bloggers selling presets these days, I wanted to do something different.  This preset is newbie friendly AND useful for the pros.  With it, you will learn my trick to editing and how to organize presets on your Lightroom mobile phone app.  And by the way, this is also the MOST VERSATILE preset that I personally use as a first step. What are you waiting for, click the pink link to get it for FREE!

Original vs Curacao


Kerina x Sakura Preset Pack

Here’s a trick to turn even any white flower petals into pastel pink; shoot during the blue hour; a period of twilight in the morning and in the evening.  Then, use these presets to turn the blues into pinks or a snow white!  With this pack, you get 4 presets:

Original vs Sakura

Original vs Sakura 2

Original vs Sakura 3

Original vs Sakura Snow


Kerina x Bahama Sunrise Preset Pack

You can get the best views and best skies during sunrise or sunset.  The only problem is that you may get very dark and harsh shadows, but Lightroom is the solution!  With this pack, you get 4 presets for those tricky sunrise or even sunset shots:

Original vs Bahama Sunrise 1

Original vs Bahama Sunrise 2

Original vs Bahama Sunrise 3

Original vs Bahama Sunrise 4


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