Here are my best Lightroom presets (filters).  Read the quick points below and get ready to have a gorgeous feed!

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Ever wanted a way to add a little polish to any photo?  The truth is, cameras can never capture what the human eye sees, hence we always edit our photos very carefully!

Presets are essentially the same as Filters. You can “filter” a basic photo into a set of colors and tones that appeal to you or is more realistic. Presets are a type of filter that only work with Adobe’s Lightroom CC to give you more control of how to edit your photos.  One click of a preset gets you the settings you want.  They can help your Instagram photos look more professional and consistent.  They can be used as a first step or last step.  They can also rescue badly lit photos and do some common editing tasks, saving you lots of time!

After thousands of photos and edits for corporate clients like Google, Ritz Carlton, and Canon, we’ve had to streamline the way we use presets.  However, we felt like lots of people were making bad presets that only work on a few photos.  Each photo has different lighting and warm/cold tones that a pre-determined preset simply cannot “predict”.

We wanted to do better, so we developed the Pro Series over months of testing and tweaking.  Presets should save time, everytime!

The secrets behind our presets are unlocked once you read our Pro Series Quick Guide that comes with your purchase.  Here is a free sample (4mb PDF) of part of the guide.

The Pro Series is:

  • Versatile
  • Tested
  • Adaptable

Immediately upon purchase, you will get two places where you can always download the preset files. 

1. On your browser:

2, In your Email (under Download):


Unfortunately, with digital goods, it’s not possible. When a refund is requested on the purchase of a physical product, the product is returned and the store owner has some value back. However when a refund is requested for a digital product, there is no way for the customer to truly return the purchased item. It remains in their possession indefinitely.

HOWEVER, we promise to support and teach you in your photo production journey.  So don’t forget to email us, it’s the best way to get help!

All of our Pro Series and 2019+ presets will come with PDF guides especially made for the presets.  This is just another way we bring the best value to you.

For paying customers, email me and my team at for help at anytime!