Brenda Sunset Plaid Skirt

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We only have XL and L in stock for now.  Please email us at hi @ if you’re interested in pre-ordering for your size. Thank you!

So sorry once again!

Love, Kerina





Worn in this video:

Also available in monochrome

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22 reviews for Brenda Sunset Plaid Skirt

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Based on 22 reviews
  1. Vienne

    BEST skirt I own 😍 so perfect for autumn, the colours remind me of a PSL 🍂☕️🎃 I get SO many compliments both in person and online about this beautiful, preppy skirt 🧡 you must buy this skirt NOW! 🧡🧡

    Image #1 from Vienne
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  2. Jayme

    Can you make this in a large? I’m a size 12/14 in Canada. I will literally buy so many

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    • Kerina M (store manager)

      Hi Jayme! I totally hear u! Unfortunately I don’t make the skirt myself and my supplier only makes them in one size (WTF I KNOW I KNOW) But email me your measurements and I’ll see if I can get my supplier to custom make 1 for you! :)

  3. Naz


    Would love to buy this if you shipped to UK!

    Thank you


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    • Kerina M (store manager)

      Hi Naz I’ve just opened shipping to UK :)

  4. Angela Du

    Hey! I was wondering if you will one day make this in a size smaller for us tiny girls? :P (I’m 4’10 w’ a 62cm waist :(()

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    • Kerina M (store manager)

      Hi Angela! I’ll ask my supplier! Please send me an email for custom details! :)

  5. Tempest

    Was your supplier able to make a custom size other than small? I have a 28in waist and Id love to purchase one of these skirts

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    • Kerina M (store manager)

      Please send me an email for custom details! :)

  6. Jai

    Hi!! I love this skirt so much and want it so badly but my waist is 28 inches :( I’m so sorry to ask this but is there a way to custom order a slightly bigger one for that size?? Tysmm

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    • Kerina M (store manager)

      Please send me an email for custom details! :)

  7. Jackie

    Hey I was wondering if you can costume one my waist is 30 and there’s no way it’s going to fit I have a big waist lol but I would love to buy

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    • Kerina M (store manager)

      Please send me an email for custom details! :)

  8. Bhavna

    Hey I love these skirt . Do you shipp to India ?

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  9. Tori

    Is there any possibility that you could ship the skirt to germany? 😅
    Would be great if it’s possible!!

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  10. Alexia (verified owner)

    Beautiful skirt, but is it machine washable? It doesn’t have a tag.

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    • Kerina M (store manager)

      I’ve always hand-washed mine or machine cold / gentle cycle! :)

  11. Taruni (verified owner)

    It’s even higher in quality irl. The material is thick, soft, well-made, and the pleats are SO cute. Keep in mind that the skirt doesn’t have much stretch and it’s a better fit for a 25”. If you try to wear this with a bigger waist, which you can since it’s a zip-up skirt, the pleats will look weird and fan out in an unflattering way. Which was the case for me. Sadly I’m going to have to resell it :( I’m not happy to part with this at all since it’s such a beauty!!

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    • Kerina M (store manager)

      thank you Taruni!!

  12. Stephanie R

    I would really love to get this skirt! Is it possible to get something around a size 8?

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  13. Erin S (verified owner)

    I just received my skirt in the mail and it is the most perfect skirt i’ve ever laid eyes on! It fits me perfectly and i am just obsessed!!

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    • Kerina M (store manager)

      YAY! I’m so happy you like it!!!

  14. Rebekah S. (verified owner)

    This skirt is beautiful and thick, making it perfect for winter!

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    • Kerina M (store manager)

      thank you!!!

  15. Jessica (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly and the quality is amazing. I love it!

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    • Kerina M (store manager)

      thank you!!!

  16. Ella

    Is there any chance this would fit someone with a 27” waist at all? Unfortunately it’s not really in my budget to get a custom one in a bigger size :(

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  17. Leonora

    Could you ship this skirt to Sweden? + When will it be back in stock?

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  18. Angela

    Do you happen to ship to Hong Kong? Really like this skirt!

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    • Kerina W (store manager)

      I do! shipping costs a lot tho!

  19. stacey hug

    Hi! I just ordered this skirt. When do you think you’ll get them in?

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    • Kerina W (store manager)

      Hi Stacey, I’m still waiting for a huge batch from the designer, maybe in mid Jan or even Feb. Hope that is okay!!

  20. Maggie (verified owner)

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    • Kerina W (store manager)


  21. Nichole

    Hey kerina I was wondering when is this skirt going to be available again?

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  22. Bianni Bureau-Chabot

    Hello <3

    I love your skirts and your videos.
    Do you think this skirt will come back eventually? I own the monochrome one and I love it ! :)

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