Repurposed CC pearl charm necklace


Dainty necklace with a 100% authentic Chanel charm repurposed from vintage Chanel costume jewelry. Can be worn 2 ways (front or back)

Chain length: 45cm, 925 silver base, 18K gold-plated 

PLEASE NOTE: The Chanel charm is pre-owned and upcycled, and some normal wear is expected.  Necklace is hand-made (see here), please allow for processing time of up to 1 week before shipping. I wish I can offer same-day shipping but I am not Amazon LOL. 

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Avoid exposing jewelry to water, sweat, heat, friction, chemicals, household products, and perfumes/lotions. The charms are already in vintage condition and may be extremely vulnerable to external elements. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee their condition since each have their own unique history that’s unknown to me. I recommend storing them in the pouch whenever they’re not being worn to avoid any discoloration and/or wear. 

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