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[Review] Choies Top and Ripped Pants

    Hi winter bunnies!
    I am totally feeling the winter blues…. but what gets me going through the deep freeze is the thought of spring and summer! In light of spring and summer fashion, I’ve chosen a crop top and a ripped pair of pants that showcase my desire for the warmer weather, both of these items from CHOIES.
    This sexy Black Cross Front Crop Top was super versatile, and I even paired it with three different bottoms so you get an idea of the variable styles you can create. I would wear number 1 to a day-time date, the second to a evening date, and the third to a party! :)

    My fave one out of the three. Which one is your favorite?
    Close up of the crop top. It’s made of stretchy cotton and is very comfortable. Love the cut-out details too, just adds that special something!
    Ripped jeans are all the craze and hype this season, I’m wearing the Ripped Black Skinny Jeans also from CHOIES.
    I love how the “knee-rips” are situated slightly above the actual knee for me, and this creates the illusion of longer calfs and longer legs! =D
    Close-ups of the rips. If you’d like to manually rip them more, you can! The rips are super easy to create and versatile, and treat this like your normal pair of jeans because they are so easy to pair with!
    If you guys havn’t heard of CHOIES, they’re an online fashion retailer with worldwide shipping features at a very reasonable price. I know, I’m pretty wary of China-based online fashion retailers too, as they seem to have negative reputations more than positive in terms of their quality and shipping functionalities. However, CHOIES is based in Hong Kong, and ALWAYS uses tracking information so your package is securely tracked along its journey to you. And yes, HK shipping is much more reliable than China post. #justsaying.
    Any skepticism? Experience with CHOIES? Do share!
    xoxo, Kerina Mango
    Kerina Wang

    10 thoughts on “[Review] Choies Top and Ripped Pants”

    1. I wish I had a body like yours! I mean… srsly, you look good in just anything! lol! anyway, I love the 2nd look, it’s mysterious yet still sexy, haa~ and the ripped jeans look fabulous on you, too! <3 maybe it’s time for me to jump on the wagon and join the craze? Haha, my ripped jeans is a boyfriend-type one so it’s kinda big and give a different effect (honestly, I think it makes me look fat and short lol)

    2. Hello ♥ I looove the second outfit!! The skirt that is see-through looks so elegant but also sexy and flirty ♥ I think it’s a very good choice when going out with a crush/boyfriend/etc. Plus you look absolutely gorgeous!! :)) I don’t have any experiences with CHOIES but that’s no surprise as I rarely buy stuff online…I’m always worried that it does not fit.
      I am sorry that I have been so inactive lately but I also have good news ♥ My blog is back to English again so I would love to hear from you. Kisses :))

    3. Hello lovely Kerina!!! ^^ I’m loving all those outfits!!! You always look so good in all of them!!! I would say my fav is the 3rd dress, but I don’t think I can rock it like you can….I don’t have them super beautiful long legs like you do… :( But I also like them pair of ripped pants!! I want to look taller too!! :) Lots of <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 from Chuonie :D I

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