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[Review] Rosette Hello Kitty Acne Wash, Cleansing Wash & Strong Mint Wash

    Hihi cutie kittie pies! 
    As much as I hate to admit it, I’m kinda in the hello kitty bandwagon just like many of my other asian friends / bloggers hahaha!  she is just TOOOO cute and when you introduce hello kitty to the land of makeup and skincare products, you’ve hit jackpot! Here’s the 3 hello kitty facewashes (branded under ROSETTE) that I tried out recently…and sharing my thoughts with you all! 
    From Left to Right, the 3 face washes are the Acne Wash, Strong Mint Wash, and the Cleansing Wash. Can you look at the packaging please OMGGGG it looks soooooooo cute! Who can resist?!?!

    A picture of what the facewashes look like when you squeeze them out of the tube. 
    For reference, the Acne wash is a smooth (quite normal looking) white paste, the strong mint wash is (just like the bottle), black, and the Cleansing Wash is a bit misleading as there are tiny gritty particles in the paste that is more suitable for exfoliating. 
    The Acne Wash has a very very distinctive scent. You may think I’m random but it LITERALLY smells 100% like Pocari Sweat. No exaggeration here. It’s not a terrible scent, but it’s just funny how sometimes in the middle of washing my face I’d get that..hmm..i miss pocari sweat feelings! ^o^ The paste lathers up REALLY WELL (as do all ROSETTE facewashes), so you only need a tiny bit to cover your entire face. It does leave your skin feeling squeaky clean, so be prepared to follow up with a strong moisturizer! In terms of reducing acne, I havn’t been able to see much results in that, which is disppointing but I only get the occasional zit so… don’t buy this expecting zit-zapping results!

    The Strong Mint Wash is my least favorite one of all three. This kitty is NOT messing with you – the name of the facewash totally captures its essence – IT. IS. STRONG. Not just your regular type of minty, refreshing facewash, it’s SO STRONG that my eyes will start to feel the mintiness in less than a minute. Even after rinsing the product off, my face still felt the strong (almost stinging) sensation of the mint. Not my favorite type of feeling. But I do think it’s a GREAT WAY to force yourself to wake up on early mornings! 
    Saving my favorite for last! Sorry guys, it’s so obvious this one’s my favorite because you can tell I’m almost out of it (ahahaha kitty is deformed!) I have super oily skin, so I love the kind of facewashes that strip away all dirt and oil, leaving it squeaky clean. It also has exfoliate beads in it which forms the gritty texture and smells like soapy apples. I use it every single night, and I love how cleaaaaan my skin feels right after! I also pile on the toner / serum / moisturizer right after, because my skin tends to get dry FAST after coming out of the shower. 
    In conclusion, Rosette’s hello kitty facewashes are extremely suitable for combination to oily skin, because most of them tend strip EVERYTHING off your face to leave your skin squeaky clean. Sometimes if I’m feeling lazy, I’d even skip my makeup removing step (I know, super bad, do not do this but we all know there’s the extremely tired/lazy days) and use this facewash right away, and it’s never led me to breakout or anything. They lather up REALLY well, so you only need a little bit each time so they last a super long time! They are also extremely economical, costing around $7-9USD on I would recommend all your oily skin girlies to give it a try! 
    (Plus who can turn down a cute hello kitty facewash right? ^.^)
    Which is your favorite face wash????
    Do Share!!! 
    xoxo, Mango
    Kerina Wang

    12 thoughts on “[Review] Rosette Hello Kitty Acne Wash, Cleansing Wash & Strong Mint Wash”

    1. the black one really seem too strong and kinda scary! hahahah… and my favoriteeee face wash is etude house’s milky you. Got the sample when I was in Korea, tried it and fell in love instantly I couldn’t help but buy two of the original size <3 it’s just soooo soft and effective <3 it makes my skin feels so soft and bouncy and doesn’t dry up my skin, meeep.. I love it too much~!

    2. Wow – I love the pictures! Want all this stuff, too. You’re making me jealous!
      Also the design of your whole blog is really pretty, girl! ♥
      I’m following you via gfc & look forward for your next post. You’re great – keep going! ♥

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