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[Review] Sheinside Dress for NYE 2015

    Hihi lovelies,
    Happie 2015!!!
    Oh my goodness I am so excited for the start of a new year! Brand new year, brand new beginnings! Did you guys go to a lot of New Year’s Eye parties? Where I’m living it’s ridiculously cold so that means no extreme outdoor activities for me. =( I mean I could, but I won’t be able to wear pretty dresses and that’s all part of celebrating new year’s in my book! Nevertheless, I’m happy to showcase a dress that I picked from Sheinside – just in case your invitations to New Year’s Parties are endless (and I hope they are!)
    Sheinside gifted me this adorable Pink Half Sleeve Lace Bead Chiffon Dress, and it came just on time for my New Year’s Eve parties.

    I love the detailing of the dress – the top half is decorated with lacey texture and pearly beads, while the bottom is a chiffon material with a little bit of tulle on the bottom to add that princessy touch.
    I paired it with my Chanel classic purse and sky high black pumps for that simple-yet-classy look
    What the bottom of the dress looks like. There is a layer of tulle but it’s not super thick, so the effect is best shown if you have a petticoat or wear additional tulle skirts on the bottom. This way it’s gonna look EXTRA POOFY.
    What the back of the dress looks like – a floral pattern constructed with lace.
    The size runs pretty true to size – although I’m usually an XS in H&M / F21, the Small fits me really well except for the waist part – where it’s slightly bigger (but the measurements are all up on the site and they are very accurate, so please measure yourself before deciding on a size).
    How do you guys like this dress? It retails for USD$27.50 which is quite reasonble I think. If you’re interested in more glamorous and dressy styles for New Year’s check out Sheinside because they have free worldwide shipping (with no minimums!)
    Did you have any NYE parties or gatherings? 
    Let me know what you wore to those events!
    xoxo, Mango (or Kerina!) =P

    13 thoughts on “[Review] Sheinside Dress for NYE 2015”

    1. Hi Kerina, Thank you for dropping by my blog knowing that I always love connecting on blog despite being on each other’s Instagram. Wow wow wow… You really bring out the beauty of this dress. I mean it. I saw the photos on the product page and you wore it better than the models and you should also upload your pictures onto that page so that more people would buy this dress after seeing your pictures. If I were to browse it from the product page, I wouldn’t think of choosing this dress but looking at your photos certainly changed my mind.

      I’ve not been on blogosphere for quite a while and I feel like I’ve missed a lot. I’m gonna catch up on your posts now and I’m glad that I could still do so on IG too.

      Jo’s Jumbled Jardinière

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