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[REVIEW] SKIN79 Seaweed Cooling Mask

    Hi yummie seaweed!!
    Know why you are my “seaweed” today? Because I’m about to share my newfound treasure with you guys! *Nods* Yes that’s how much I ❤  you! In my opinion, this is even better than the famous Laneige Water Sleeping Pack, or the Laneige Light Balancing Emulsion that I previously reviewed (see post here!) Honestly, no one has told me to review this, I just merely saw it while browsing UNIQSO (while doing their other reviews) and just happen to come across this and thought, meh, I’d give it a try. I wasn’t even obligated to review this omg. But it surprised me soooo much!

    The magic baby: SKIN79 Seaweed Cooling Mask 

    It’s a tub of goodness. Ok it’s a tub of gel-like mask that you can apply with the spoon provided. The instructions say to apply it on cleansed skin, then wait for 20 minutes and rinse off. I say screw the instructions. (Read on to find out) 
    The color is sooooo pretty. Kinda similar to the Laneige sleeping pack, but more vibrant. bluer. And it smells soooo good! (it doesn’t smell like seaweed at all, more like a refreshing marine scent) A little goes a long way. All you need is a pea-sized amount to cover your entire face!
     The consistency is a gel liquid, and even though it’s slightly blue when you take it out, it slowly turns clear and gets absorbed into your skin when you blend it out. It even has a cooling effect so it’ll be perfect for hot humid summer days!

    After blending it out, it turns into a liquidy texture that’s quickly absorbed into my skin. No sticky feeling afterwards, no residues, and the best part? 

    I ignored the instructions and totally left it on overnight … 
    Peeled of course.  
    I was wondering why there are semi-negative reviews of this online. It turned out people were saying that when they rinsed off the mask, their skin didn’t feel replenished at all. I cannot comment on this because I havn’t tried rinsing it off,  it felt totally like a night time moisturizer gel / sleeping mask to me, with no tight feeling that usual rinse-off masks produce. 
    My suggestion is to screw the instructions, and leave it on overnight. 
    If you trust me, you may wake up with the smoothest skin ever. It felt 100x better than the water sleeping pack! Maybe it’s my skin getting too used to the Water sleeping pack, but ever since I had discovered the magic of the Seaweed mask, I’ve been substituting it for my usual night time moisturizer, and my skin has never felt better. 
    *Please don’t kill me if it doesn’t work for you – maybe my skin’s chemistry totally matches that of the seaweed mask and they produce wonderful results.. but I sincerely suggest you to try it!*

    Kerina Wang

    12 thoughts on “[REVIEW] SKIN79 Seaweed Cooling Mask”

    1. It does seem really good! I have to admit that the colour calls out my attention and it would be enough reason for me to try it…I’m such a sucker for a good looking package and content!
      I suppose it can’t harm if you leave it overnight and I’m sure it provides better results that way. Now I’m curious to try it out. And the spoon, again, adorable! I’t things like these that make me want to buy Asian products and of course it’s wonderful that they actually work!
      Take care!

    2. The colour looks really interesting imho! I love how you tried out something different and completely disregarded the instructions. That only shows that some products have more potential than one might assume. :D However, I don’t think I’ll try this product as I hate leaving stuff on my face overnight (besides moisturizer of course).

    3. So nice to see your new post, girl! So are you still traveling or have you returned home? Would you write a post about your journey?
      And ah you make me wanna try this mask! It sounds so good! I used to use the Laneige Sleeping Pack too, but I didn’t repurchase after finishing my tub, there are just so many masks lying around in the house (typical skincare junkie lol)


    4. Why, Mango, why. Why do you have to make this product look so tempting now? My current skin condition is really bad, reddish and everything. I think I reaaally need to go buy a calming mask now. I haven’t seen this product on local online shops, I’ll get one ASAP if it’s within my budget. Thanks, Mango!!

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