Santa Maria, Cuba 2013

One fall day I was being reallie sad because in Toronto, the summer is ending and that means I have to say goodbye to my skirts and dresses and all my pretty outfits suitable for the summer (bikini is an outfit too that requires creativity to I mean, on one hand I was so excited to have a photoshoot with the fall leaves…but nevertheless, 2 months of summer is WAY TOO SHORT!!

So I came home and whined in a very cute and non-irritating manner to my fiancé about all the troubles in my world (all the outfits I don’t get to wear now that summer’s ending and I haven’t even worn all the clothes I’ve bought online and they haven’t seen daylight nor a camera…) and how work was being unproductive… to which he replied….

“oh, why don’t we take a short vacay? We totally need it, get away from the city for awhile”

and i’m like …  O.O !!! What a genius idea *turns around and grabs suitcase*

After lotssss of consideration, we decided to fly to a tiny island in Cuba, Santa Maria! If you have been to Cuba or any Caribbean / equator locations before, you’ll know that they are generally VERY HOT. But that doesn’t faze me at all since I grew up in Singapore, and miss the sunny island’s climate!

The beach, as you can see, is literally turquoise water + white powdery sand..and for all 7 days that we were there, it didn’t even rain ONCE!!! *mad lucky*


To describe what torture it is to be submersed in a 38-degree weather with the sun directly shining down, clad in sunblock and bug spray and makeup and bikini….AND a thick, woven sweater.

I saw some bikini-with-sweater pics in a magazine and decided that it looks TOO CUTE, so in an attempt to copy such fashion I brought along my A&F winter jumper…. it is pure torture! But beauty is pain so I sucked it up.. and managed to look happie happie amongst grumpy shots! The results were amazing so it was all worth it!!!

(*credits to my amazing fiance/photographer who was trying to blink sweat out of his own eyes to take shots of me)



  1. November 4, 2013 / 3:18 pm

    Ooh la la :) I can’t pick just one…I love all of these photos ^^
    How I wish I could go to Cuba with you and all!
    La plus belle femme du monde :)

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