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earrings (OS $4)
  0:33 outfit 1    
beige unitard (XS $16)
chunky sneakers (CN 39 $28)
black baguette bag ( $9)
denim midi skirt ( $22)
khaki denim skirt (XS $16)
belt ( $2.5)
  3:05 outfit 2    
black lace top (XS $10)
white skort (XS $18)
goth choker ( $1.5)
socks (OS $10)
chunky loafers (CN 39 $29.49)
white cargo jeans ( XXS $28)
denim bag ( $12.3)
denim bag ( $12)
  5:40 outfit 3    
grey pants    
black zip up top (S $12)
  6:25 outfit 4    
grey star shirt (M $6)
black lace skirt ( $8)
leather jacket (XL $40)
  7:03 outfit 5    
grey pleated maxi skirt (S $19)
pink houndstooth set (cardigan only) (S $30)
socks (OS $10)
  7:46 outfit 6    
red dress (XS $13)
silver bag ( $24)
metallic pumps (CN39 $25.4)
foot protector (OS $4)
feet insoles ( $1)
heel protector (OS $2.4)
heel protector (OS $2)
chunky loafers (CN 39 $29.49)
  10:47 outfit 7    
black mesh dress (CN39 $25.4)
metallic pumps (CN39 $25.4)
  11:50 outfit 8    
denim tube top (XS $16)
black folded pants (XS $23)


Hey guys, 

 A new video and I’m so excited to share with you my spring-summer haul this year!

Starting off with a soft and stretchy onesie that can be dressed up or down. I paired it with cute lace-up runners and a simple black bag with silver hardware. Next up is a denim skirt that can be worn over the onesie for a casual look. I also wore a built-in shorts mini skirt that’s perfect for the peekaboo trend. Then, we have a corset top with flattering shoulder straps and a lace-up design and pair it with a flowy skirt from Glow Mode. In one of the outfits, I’m also wearing a flower tie choker and long socks with loafers for a cute and trendy look.

Finally, if you’re going to purchase on Shein use my coupon code 15KERINA for 15% off your entire order with no minimum purchase on Shein.


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