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floral dress https://rvlv.me/mtoH7A  
  0:41 essential 1    
  CK tees thrifted from thredup https://thredup.com/x/kerina  
nb 530 runners (often out of stock!) https://go.magik.ly/ml/1hd4v/  
white tee https://bit.ly/41wZtsI  
wide leg jeans dynamite-clothing.pxf.io/9gggz0 (regular 24 $64.95)
Prada bag https://go.magik.ly/ml/1kdja/ ( $1390)
  0:43 essential 2    
  A&F dress thrifted from thredup https://thredup.com/x/kerina  
  Nike caps thrifted from thredup https://thredup.com/x/kerina  
Adidas samba https://bit.ly/3oecyIU  
adidas ruffle socks https://bit.ly/3LZWTH3 (M $11)
gray cardigan https://lewkin.info/3Zhh8mE
(S $16.2)
corduroy tote https://bit.ly/3ZOs901 ( $5)
floral dress https://rvlv.me/mtoH7A  
rhinestone heels https://bit.ly/3MGFOhW (7 $60)
silver bag https://bit.ly/3wmcIzg ( $24)
Converse heels white https://go.magik.ly/ml/1sgvg/ (7 $120)
silver heels https://shein.top/kr4m93h (CN39 $25.4)
purple slip dress dynamite-clothing.pxf.io/5gggZ3 (XS $69.95)
  5:43 essential 3    
black tee dynamite-clothing.pxf.io/eKKKED (XS $24.95)
  Zara jeans thrifted from thredUP https://thredup.com/x/kerina  
  Juicy Couture jeans thrifted from thredup https://thredup.com/x/kerina  
diesel belt https://bit.ly/3kSxkMN (80CM $115)
diesel d-venus heels https://bit.ly/3GLmhg8  
black sunglasses https://bit.ly/3RO1awW ( $5)
silver croc bag https://bit.ly/3HVtydc ( $10)
pink top https://bit.ly/40anwMH  
flare pants https://go.magik.ly/ml/1kr1o/ (4 $118)
Nike AF shadows https://bit.ly/2YwKeo6 ( $120)
white tee https://bit.ly/41wZtsI  
wide leg jeans https://c8.is/3EaFCWH (25 $49.9)
  Adidas track pants thrifted from thredup https://thredup.com/x/kerina  
black sweatpants https://bit.ly/3xA2Xxq ( S $23.12)
nb530 runners (often out of stock!) https://go.magik.ly/ml/1hd4v/  
  9:57 essential 4    
  Adidas track jacket thrifted from thredup https://thredup.com/x/kerina  
  Zara jacket hrifted from thredup https://thredup.com/x/kerina  
  base from essential 3    
  11:29 essential 5    
long denim skirt https://bit.ly/42qzYKy (S $21)
black leather midi skirt dynamite-clothing.pxf.io/e4O3o6 (xxs $59.95)
cream boots https://rvlv.me/fRO2qF (7.5 $228)
black blazer https://dynamite-clothing.pxf.io/NKn1Gv (XL $89.95)
  13:07 essential 6    
black skirt https://go.magik.ly/ml/1rjv0/ (2 $88)
white skirt https://go.magik.ly/ml/1s13f/?owi=1 (2 $88)
white pleated skirt https://rvlv.me/MYHP9d (xs $172)
gray pleated skirt https://bit.ly/3i3HngH (S $20.93)
grey pleated skirt https://bit.ly/40wbfD5 (xs $15)
pink skort https://bit.ly/3ohCHqj (xs $39)
white denim belt skort https://rvlv.me/NZxuXr (xxs $188)
white belt top https://rvlv.me/fc3koA (xxs $158)
  15:13 essential 7    
Adidas samba https://bit.ly/3oecyIU  
nb530 runners (often out of stock!) https://go.magik.ly/ml/1hd4v/  
adidas ruffle socks https://bit.ly/3LZWTH3 (M $11)
  16:13 essential 8    
metallic pumps https://bit.ly/40PXEaF (CN39 $25.4)
heels https://bit.ly/403IhdH (7.5 $100)
shoes https://bit.ly/41nLGVR (8 $100)
diesel d-venus heels https://bit.ly/3GLmhg8  
Converse heels white https://go.magik.ly/ml/1sgvg/ (7 $120)
Converse heels black https://go.magik.ly/ml/1sgvd/ (7 $120)
  18:07 essential 9    
silver croc bag https://bit.ly/3HVtydc ( $10)
sequin bag https://bit.ly/3WeyUpU ( $37)
silver bag, Steve Madden https://bit.ly/3EAT8mY ( $96)
silver necklace https://bit.ly/3yuTdF7 ( $5)
earrings https://bit.ly/3YsGVZh (OS $4)
silver sunglasses https://bit.ly/3LDCiIb ( $4)
  18:32 essential 10    
wrapping ribbons https://bit.ly/3XpHySg (OS $5)


Hey guys, I’m excited to share my Spring Essentials with you. First up is a non-see-through white t-shirt with a corset trim that pairs well with high-rise jeans. I also show a logo t-shirt from Calvin Klein to pair.

Next on the list is spring dresses, including a blue and white striped babydoll dress from Abercrombie & Fitch that I scored for just $10. I also show a more modest option with a cardigan and tote bag, and dressed it down with a denim jacket.

Overall, these spring essentials are versatile and affordable, and can be styled in multiple ways to fit your personal style!  Watch the full YT video for all the essentials!


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