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AliExpress Review – So much poo poo in theFancy

    Calling all Shopaholics!

    This is an AliExpress Review of a store called “theFancy”

    Have you ever thought you found a diamond in the rough, then that diamond turns out to be a piece of stinkin shit turd poo poo that even it’s turd poo poo mother wouldn’t love, even if it was just about to get married before it got into a coma-inducing car accident while swerving the car to avoid a kitten on the road?  In 2014, I purchased an excellent skirt that I’ve worn for MANY of my outfits, it was from AliExpress and many others on my IG wanted to buy the same skirt.

    Here is why the skirt was so good, it flared naturally like a heavy satin material.  It was in a perfect ‘A’ shape and it was in so much demand that my IG followers finally convinced me to purchase it for them.  You can see the skirt below:

    nikita_skirt_2_grande Nikita_Skirt_grande

    And here is the original order which shows that I purchased from the store “theFancy” in 2014.

    original purchase

    theFancy AliExpress store has 97.5% positive feedback and 3 diamonds, WOW! (except you will now learn that AliExpress and The Fancy is NOT A GOOD STORE AT ALL)

    Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.55.29 PM



    HERE IS WHAT I ORDERED on Oct. 04 2015 for ~$20 USD after shipping to Canada:

    Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.57.25 PM


    HERE IS WHAT I WAS EXPECTING (real picture, I even made a video):

    Photo 2015-10-25, 16 52 10



    Photo 2015-10-25, 16 51 48


    The material is foam and it feels like it belongs on a life boat.  The flair is so puffy and it’s impossible to style or wear outside.  When I asked the Fancy to deal with this issue, they refused me.

    Girls, please be careful; even if you see a store with good ratings and EVEN if you’ve previously purchased an excellent item from a store, it doesn’t mean they won’t scam and trick you.  This particular skirt was $17.99 without shipping and I will be throwing it right into the trash where it belongs.

    Please tell your friends to never buy from AliExpress or theFancy (store 417379).

    Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 3.20.21 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 3.25.11 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 3.25.26 PM
    I hope you liked this AliExpress review.  It’s obvious that AliExpress does not carry the best goods but for everyday basic things, I think it’s worth the bargain!  About 75% of what I buy on AliExpress I keep, and the rest goes into the dark abyss.  If you aren’t a risky bargain shopper, I’d recommend some of my favourite regular stores like Tobi, Lady Foot Locker, and MissGuided.  I



    Kerina Wang

    1 thought on “AliExpress Review – So much poo poo in theFancy”

    1. omggg! what the!!? thank you for this review Kerina! will definitely not going to buy any stuff from from now on! my gosh! that skirt didn’t even look like a skirt for a human! it more looks like for a doll! haha at least you’ve learned your lesson not to purchase on them anymore.!

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