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Winter Glam – Faux Fur and Leather

    Hi beautifuls,
    Do you ever like, just wanna feel like a glamorous celebrity?  No need to lie, we all do, otherwise we wouldn’t be reading and writing beauty blogs, gotcha~~ :D
    So here is my impression of celebrity, cus, “oh my gawd, these paparazzi photographers won’t leave me alone”. Hmph!!! Ahahaha so as you guys can telllll, my facial expressions are all super serious in these pics cuz I’m going for that star-like appearance. XD!
    First outfit: White furry collar coat with black leggings and booties!
    What was I looking at? A leaf?  hehe I don’t know!

    During the holidays I love faux fur, especially around the collar! I got this white wool blend coat with white faux fur at ZARA during the black friday sale, and LOVE IT TO DEATH because I think anything with fur adds that extra glam factor!
    This is my favourite shot. Looking right at YOU :)
    To keep it classy and simple I paired the white coat with a contrasting darker (black) leggings and brown booties, and topped off the outfit with a classy chanel purse
    I’m walking away~~

    During a hair flip moment~~ do you spot the glam? ^.^v

    I changed my inner-outfit, spot the difference :)
    Sun-glasses = insta-glam
    Outfit 2 features an edgier look for all you rocker chic fashionistas out there! For the life of me I havn’t owned a leather jacket up to this point in my life – so I thought I would go out of my usual comfort zone for a more badgal look!
    Sticking with a plain color theme, Im using white, grey and black to cover the entire outfit. If you want, you could also skip the thigh high socks but I love the added layer to this outfit!
    Not looking at you, hmph!

    A way for your outfit to appear more dimensional is to roll up the sleeves to cover that of your jacket – I’m starting to love this look more and more!
    I really like the combo of my black jacket and rolled up white sleeves, what do you guys think?
    This winter I’m going to strive to style more looks and outfits for you guys~~~ and since 2015 is coming soon I wish everyone a happy and amazing new year! May all your resolutions and wishes come true!!!
    2015 is going to be magical, I just know it. Go make your dreams happen!!
    xoxo, Mango

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