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Blogging Secrets that No One Told You

    Do you ever get people (usually rude dudes) with a condescending attitude about bloggers choosing to blog just because they seemingly have a ton of free time and can’t find something better to do?

    Today marks the 2 months, 4 days anniversary of the birth of my blog, which may seem like a blink of an eye to people who’ve been doing this for ages. Before I started blogging, I always KNEW about blogs since I’d search up for makeup reviews here and there, but never actually created content or even knew about website management.

    “SEOs, meta-tags, html…whaaaaat? English please.”

    Now that I’ve gone through about 20 something posts and the creation of my site, I’ve came to realize a few things about the blogging world. Before I started, I emailed Jessy Dust who is a successful blogger based in Toronto (SUPER NICE!!!) about her blogging experiences just to get some tips with starting off from scratch. After that, I’ve been sort of on my own with figuring out how things work from A-Z. Here are some secrets of Bloggers no one told me:

    Bloggers are professional writers

    You GOTTA engage your audience. And you can’t have a blog without .. typing. (Please don’t go against me on this one I’m sure if you looked really hard you could find some blogs like that but don’t be such a ___ =.=)

    Bloggers are professional programmers

    Wanna put up some Google Friend Connect Gadgets on the sidelink? Gotta learn how!Wanna make all your pictures in your blog the same width? Gotta learn html!Wanna leave comments with a link of your blog in it? HTML !!!!

    You get the point. When I first started I had to Google “help on how to place banners on side bar” …and you will be amazed at the amount of sites that’s not helpful at all – their tutorial is SO CONVOLUTED and HARD TO UNDERSTAND that they might as well be giving help to already professional programmers.

    Don’t even get me started on “LinkWithin” which for some reason decides that it will never cooperate nicely with my blog *roll eyes*

    Bloggers are professional photographers

    Have a DSLR and think you can count on the camera to WORK ITS MAGIC on taking amazing shots? Ever heard of aperture settings or f-stops being inversely proportional to size and this correlation is totally logarithmic?  

    To this date I still don’t exactly know how to work a DSLR camera even though I own one, and oh lighting. AND tripods. And photoshop. THEY’RE NOT TOTALLY INTUITIVE!

    Bloggers are professional marketers

    I spend about 10% of my blogging time devoted to content creation. The rest of the time, I’m either TAKING PICTURES, PHOTOEDITING, RESPONDING TO BUSINESS INQUIRIES, SPAMMING your social media outlets, and DISCOVERING NEW BLOGS. 

    I believe in actually READING your post and commenting on your content / effort (as opposed to, ahem, NOT reading them and just spamming you with “F4F” requests – you can see my angry post here.) 

    It’s so easy for non-bloggers to assume the amount of time we spent on the blogosphere is like, 

    “Selfie, upload, Yay done hi 2K followers, free stuff for life!”

    Uh. Except it’s not. *eyes rolling to North Pole and back*

    Fellow bloggers I am SURE you know what I’m talking about… and for those of you who are starting out, hopefully this gives you an insight on how blogging ACTUALLY works. 

    Selfie time! Blogging is also a platform for you to legitly post your selfies so here we go! Bringing back a bit of warmth and summer to the freezing Toronto weather. 

    So I guess the only explanation for rude dudes expressing their dumb and condescending opinions on our blogs is that they have SDS (Small ____ Syndrome). I mean, how small must their reproductive organs BE for them to thrive on such condescending behavior just so they can feel not as loser-ish about their loser-ish brains and lives. 

    Stay Gorgeous loves, and PROPS TO US BLOGGERS!!!! 
    MAD LOVE to those who took the time and effort 
    to read my posts and write out super thoughtful comments!

    Kerina Wang

    36 thoughts on “Blogging Secrets that No One Told You”

    1. Yeah girl I get you, I recently started too, I had to learn everything by myself and still learning, it’s such a slow process and it takes so much of my time, so I guess it’s SELFIE TIME!!!! ;) XO

      1. Hahaha, it’s fellow bloggers and readers like you Marija that I always feel so connected to blogging :) Thanks for always being so thoughtful, and I will always stick by you! <3 I’m gonna hop over your blog right now to shower you with LOVE!!!!

      1. You are DEFINITELY one step ahead of anyone My dear Jackie!!!!! I don’t know how you manage to ALWAYS be one of the firsts to comment on my newly published blog!!!!! and thanks for the advice (as always!) love you!

    2. Such a honest post about Blogging and Bloggers. There should be some meaningful comments rather than one word comments or two sentences comment. I.e ” Amazing. Please check my Blog post.” All the best to you.

    3. Love this. I am also a newbie in the blogging sphere and can relate to 85% of what you have written. It’s a learning process and the more curious you are the more you will learn. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment on my blog.

      You now have a new follower. keep up the stunning work and keep in touch.

      much love.

      Twitter: @blogueramoda

      Instagram: @kindlydamaged

    4. Oh my gosh, I totally know how you feel! *A*
      I never realized how much work blogging was until I started blogging.

      And then I realized that the process of taking photos, getting the right angles, having the right lighting, editing the photos in photoshop (even something small like adding a watermark) takes up SO MUCH TIME. Now, I split up the process so that I take photos whenever I have time, and then edit/publish (with appropriate content) later.

      SDS – that was a good laugh. c;

      I still have a lot to learn though, in terms of coding! Best of luck to the both of us!

    5. I agree with everything writtten here! I’m pretty much starting to blog again since I had a hiatus for 7 months but now I’m taking it seriously again. Thanks so much for the tips. For some reason I can’t seem to follow you here via GFC. I hope you can follow mine, I promise to follow yours when it’s working again! xx

      Greetings from Manila,
      Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic

    6. HAHAHA I’m laughing so hard now reading that last lines.. Such a syndrome really exist? *curious *wth-im-thinking-abt
      Anyway it’s up to them to think like that :/ But I never regret the day I started to blog! They just don’t know how much fun and meaningful to have a blog. It’s like you have a new baby and watch for them grow everyday ;)


    7. This is such an interesting post, Mango! I totally agree with you with all the technical stuff in blogging, it drove me crazy when I started blogging, took me many weeks to figure things out! Blogging is definitely not easy! It takes soooo much time and energy for bloggers who actually puts effort on their posts. Some other bloggers just post a bunch of photos with hardly any writing. You’re right, blogging is meant to have writings in it, if they just want to post a bunch of photos then they’re on the wrong platform, they should just stick to instagram. LOL.

      And gosh, I would punch anyone who would say that blogging is for people who have tons of free time and can’t find anything better to do! Blogging is definitely not a walk on the park, especially for dedicated bloggers like you who actually focus on content and not just post bunch of photos, and I love you for that! :)

      Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
      Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin’

    8. Oh Jeahh I can regonize myself in this article! Thanks for sharing it with us!
      Some people don’t understand how much time it costs to take pictures, write articles, etc.

      Even some of my friends don’t understand how much effort I put into my articles,
      so I just ignore them when they say that I’d better stop working on my blog,
      because I have a passion and I don’t need those people, they aren’t real friends! :(

      Take care, and I love reading all of your posts!
      Xxx Julia

    9. Bunny!!~ Omgoshhh I totally understand!! Every blog post does take quite some effort. It’s also sometimes hard to come up with relevant content to write one! I’m always being inspired by you sweetie!! muaaaaaah so glad I met you!! oxoxoxox

    10. Oh, I see now. This post is a great help! :D I too am a newbie at the blogging world. :/ It takes much more time than I thought to be a blogger. O-O You guys worked hard to earn that title! <3 <3 <3 I too will try my best. :)

      <3 from Chuonie

    11. Hi!I’m new in the blogging world and to be honest its not as easy as I expected!Luckily I have a friend who helped me out and taught me some stuff about programming!Thanks for the tips!I would really appreciate it if you took the time and looked at my blog :)

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