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Unprofessional Sponsors 2

    Remember my previous post about Unprofessional Sponsors? Here’s a follow-up to that post. I’ll let most of the pictures do the talking, so you get a glimpse of the type of sponsors out there and who NOT to collaborate with. 
    First email from this “Monica Geller” person who identified herself as “Eillen”. …. Is she Monica? Is she Eillen? My guess is she’s none of those 2 names and very likely a man. But at least be consistent in your Email name. Our mystery woman/man also failed to let me know where she comes from – you don’t have to give me an extensive background of you but at least tell me which company/retailer/boutique you represent so I have a general idea. She did mention that I could choose my gifts from a site, so I’m going to assume that she works for that site. 
    My name (Mango) is pretty widespread and easy to find all over my blog and my social media outlets. Considering how she claim to “love my blog”, one may think she would at least scout for my name before sending me an email for collaboration. Avid lover of my blog but have trouble finding my name? No worries, since you love my blog so much I will let that go.
    Everything else, pretty standard right? Have a discount, pick a gift, or a monetary payment in exchange for a sponsored post. She also mentioned that she plans to have a long-term business with me, again, since she loves my blog so much.

    So here is my response, pretty straightforward just so I fully understand the details of the cooperation. I also provided her with an algorithm as to how I structure my monetary payments via paypal (not shown here since it contains personal and private information to protect both myself and my clients). I also replied with my idea of a generic blog post structure, including target audience and amount of traffic direction and emphasized that I am flexible and understand if there was a budget pertaining to this business deal.
    All pretty standard up to this point right? No biggie – but what I saw next made my blood boil: 

    Erm, excuse me? My mind was momentarily frozen and confused when I saw her response. You would think that someone who claims to “love my blog” (as she had very explicitly stated 3 times), and who emailed me using my BLOG EMAIL to discuss a business inquiry WITH MY BLOG, would be familiar at least, WITH MY FREAKING BLOG.

    Nope. Seems to me like Eillen had about zero knowledge of who I am and which blog I operate, which makes her a liar because you clearly can’t love someone’s blog without knowing about that blog’s existence. Not to mention unprofessional and disrespectful.
    This is the equivalent of an IT company contacting Samsung’s Android department to potentially integrate their functions and services -And then refutes the Android system as not good enough and instead asks for iPhones after Samsung replies with suggestions and feedback.

    I am fully aware and respect that certain businesses have a set of criteria for engaging bloggers in their marketing campaigns. If my blog doesn’t make the cut for you to invest in for various reasons, I fully understand and respect your decision.
    Don’t want me to write a post for you? No problem, easy – don’t contact me to write a post for you. *roll eyes* Like come on, that is downright common sense. Here’s my response:


    That was as civilized as I can get – as I wanted nothing else to do with her, ever. So there you go, Eillen / Monica / anonymous man.
    I can’t say that I’ve seen my share of unprofessional sponsors in my blogging time, but this one is the worst of the bunch. If anyone else have any stories to share I’ll be glad to listen!

    P/S: I try my best to keep my blog a fun and interesting place for my readers and fill it with positive things. At the same time, I do not tolerate disrespect in any manner to me or my readers, and will expose extremely unprofessional acts/people. 

    13 thoughts on “Unprofessional Sponsors 2”

    1. Wow that’s just soo unprofessional!
      What kind of people send those e-mails ;) This is just stupid :0

      Xx julia
      Thanks for sharing this with us!!!

    2. Blech. I’m sorry to know that there are people like this who approached you! The way you deal with this kind of stupidity is very professional, thanks for letting us know about this! The person’s writing is a mess, if I were to own a company I wouldn’t let an employee to write to anyone with that kind of writing.

    3. monicagellarusa? wth, obviously she’s a fan of the famous 90’s sitcom. Email addresses that are either hotmail/yahoo/ are usually hoaxes since established companies always have emails of their own with their company names on them. Did this weirdo stranger reply to your question though? lol.

      Strawberry Bunny

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