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Valentine’s Day Lookbook – Romantic Tulle Skirt

February 2015 is almost here.. and you know what that means – Valentine’s Day! It’s one of my favorite dates of the year because *warning cheesiness ahead* I believe in celebrating LOVE! <3 Although I am more of an advocate in loving yourself/your partner every single day of the year, there’s a certain romantic vibe in the air whenever Feb 14th rolls around! (yes i have to bold, underline and highlight it just in case the dudes forget)
And with this romantic atmosphere, one shall not be judged if she chooses to put on her girly, poofy, twirly, lacy, princessy tulle skirt!
While love is in the air, the cold air is definitely in the air too! How I braved through this photoshoot in -15 Canadian weather I will never understand. I guess my passion for tulle skirts outshines any wintery chills!

Channeling my inner Elsa. *The cold never bothered me anyway*
See that whiteness? Yup. That’s snow. And Ice. And a frozen lake, I’m loving the ribbon that I used to tie around my skirt – gives it more of that princessy vibe!
Okok I know you are all wondering where did you get this skirt!?!? Scroll down for items list! ^^
Top: Actually a dress! Check out my review here, and buy it here.
Tulle Skirt: buy it Here
Clutch: Kate Spade, buy it here
Bracelet: buy it here
Heels: buy it here
Pairing it with a nude pointed toe pair of heels will only elongate your legs, and the classic Chanel purse will add glam and class to any outfit, especially to accent a romantic tulle skirt!
Stay tuned for more Valentine’s Day Lookbooks!
Let me know what you are planning to wear this Valentine’s Day!
xoxo, Kerina

18 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Lookbook – Romantic Tulle Skirt”

  1. Omgg I love your outfit so much! I can’t believe you actually went for a photoshoot in such cold weather!! >_< But it was definitely worth it — the photos are so pretty! I’m seriously in love with your hair and the Chanel bag too! I hope you have a fabulous first Valentines Day with your hubby as a married couple this year hehe! I may not have my other half yet but i’m definitely still inspired by you to rock a fancy valentines day outfit by myself on feb 14th :P


  2. meeep meeep meeep meeeeeeeepppp!! You’re so pretty and your style is just soooo adorableeee… I love the neon pink kate spade clutch! It fits the mood! And make your appearance POP! lobbbbhh it <3 and the tulle skirt is just sooo prettyyyy…

  3. This look is absolutely adorable and gives me the Valentine vibes! I can’t believe you braved through the cold to take these pictures but it looks great.

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