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Valentine’s Day Outfit – Cute and Flirty!

    Hello LOVELY fairies~
    It’s currently less than one month to February 14, valentine’s day! I HAVE A VERY Exciting Announcement! I will be posting 3 sets of Valentine’s Day outfit series, to show you guys 3 different styles to pick and choose for February 2014. YAY!
    For the first Vday outfit, I’m going for something cute, girly, and innocent with a hint of sexiness!!!! 
    The shoulder cut-outs will make any boring jumper JUMP OUT at you (Ha-ha-ha see what I did there!)  Too cold? No worries. Wrap a thick chunky scarf around your neck for another WARM-BUT-CUTE factor! Buy scarf HERE!

    Cute tip: Lots of people tell you to smile a lot, I say pout a lot too! Especially when you’re waiting for him to come back with your favorite DESSERT! 
    *gentlemen if you’re reading this please get SOME kind of dessert and no, oreos do not count thx*
    Pair the loose fitting top with any knit skater skirt – I chose red because IT IS THE COLOR OF LOVE! MWAH! 
    I got mine here ^.^

    Flirty tip: If you’re wearing leggings or stockings, pull up the skater skirt JUST A TEENY BIT NORTH and watch him go cray-crazy!!!! *tee-hee-heeee-heeee*  ok but just a teeny bit please we don’t wanna get too least not YET *giant wink*
    Flirty tip: Play with your hair a lot, and smile A LOT! sometimes when I have no idea what my fiance is saying, I just smile! Then I quickly pout, so he will ask me what’s wrong? Then I’d say something really cute and clever like, 
    Cute tip: Pairing your boots with legwarmers and letting them peek out a little bit is not only adding to the warmth, you’re also drawing more attention to your legs, which adds to the cuteness factor!! His eyes will be elevator-ing you all day! *oggle nonstop can’t focus*
    Necklace: Tiffany & Co Bow Pendant / similar here
     Sweater: Similar Here
    Purse: Chanel Classic Double Flap Bag – Caviar / buy here
    Skirt: Buy here
    Boots: Ugg Classic Tall Chestnut / buy here
    Legwarmers: buy here
    Most important TIP: HAVE FUN dressing up for Valentine’s day! 

    Remember that if you don’t have a date (psh who dictates a date as a necessity anyway?
    you can always DATE YOURSELF! 
    Pamper yourself with creme brulee, a shopping spree, a massage, a hot bubble bath and a homemade mask.
    Then write a letter to your future self. 
    If you hit a heartbreak sometime down the road, read that letter again and remind yourself that on a particular Valentine’s day, YOU DON’T NEED NO MAN TO FEEL LOVED GIRL!!! *snapsnapfingersnapsnap*

    65 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Outfit – Cute and Flirty!”

    1. Oh my gooooosh Bunnie BB you’ve outdone yourself again!!~

      Always so cute and this time giving us all more pointers on how to be cute too! You made me giggle so much, I love this!! And your outfit is outright adorable!! Love your cutesy girlish style!! High5 <3

    2. The outifit is so cute and comfortable!! It looks perfect on you!! :)
      I’m glad you decide to share your ideas and tips a few weeks before Valentines day. Thank you!! :)
      Some people like to share there ideas a day before, and it’s hard to go out and find a similar outfit in such a short amount of time. :///
      I looking forward to your next valentine’s day outfit idea. <3

    3. Hey, thanks for your comment sweetie!
      I really liked your blog and this post (your skirt is the cutest and i loved your scarf)… i followed you back!

    4. Oh my,you look so lovely.Lovin your skates skirt and that boots are to die for.
      I love your advice about pouting when you didnt catch what he is talking and saying something clever. :)
      Thanks for visiting! Following you.:)

    5. <3 <3 <3 Aw, you’re innocently cute!! Such a cute cute outfit!! >_< Love the fun poses!!!!! This post is so much fun to read!!!!!! I love all the tips and how you shared some of your cute examples ^o^!!! <3 <3 <3

      <3 from Chuonie

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