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Why I am MangoRabbitRabbit


    So ever since I started my blog, people have been asking me why I chose the name Mangorabbitrabbit.


    To answer that, I simply present you with three pictures:

    Images from Google


    Yes, it is a bunny!!!

    “OMG but it’s SO FLUFFY!!!”


    As you can probably tell, I love mangoes and I love rabbits. BUT more so rabbits than mangoes… (Cuz there’s two rabbits and only one mango…get it?) Wahahahahahahaha =D

    I recognize that this post takes randomness to the next level, so I’ll throw in some additional random facts about me I find extremely interesting*….JUST FOR YOU!!!!

    Extremely interesting* fact about me #1: I  cannot stand chocolates in any way, shape or form

    I know most girls are supposed to be vulnerable when presented with chocolates… I don’t know why I’m not. I tried…..I reallie did… guess it wasn’t meant to be. That being said, I also do not understand the obsession with the new IT-AND-TRENDY-FOOD, the macaron. Before all the girls start hating on me because I don’t share with them the “absolutely necessary food item to adore by default”, I would like to say that I DO ENJOY THEM. Maybe once in 2-3 months. I just don’t quite grasp the intensity of love for them… and don’t get me started on macarons on instagram.

    OK since you got me started, I’ll finish what I started.

    You want your IG picture to get on the Popular page, the answer is MACARONS.

    It seems like any picture containing macarons on instagram gets LOADS of likes. I think it’s the pastel color scheme that girls love (me included! love the colorssssss, refer to blog wallpaper)… don’t believe me? try it next time (and let me know the results!) Considering how popular macarons are, I should use them in popular phrases…

    “Where there is a macaron, there is a macaron”.
    “What goes macaron, comes macaron.”
    “Macaron others the way you want to be macaroned.”
    “Hakuna Macaron.”

    I ADORE creme brulee. I think it’s the best thing ever!!!! This may seem kinda contradictory… but you knew that already since my blog wallpaper is full of macarons. KEKEKEHEHEHHAHAHAHHHHOHHO *dances around in circles*

    Extremely interesting* fact about me #2: I love to tell punny/lame jokes

    Except they’re not reallie lame to me. In fact, they are extremely hilarious IMO. An example:

    What did one parachuter say to his friend????

    Answer (Be ready to fall out of your chair) :

    “LET’S HANG OUT!!!” *insert ridiculous laughter*

    Hope I brightened your day with this extremely punny/funny joke!!! You’re welcome!!! YAY!

    Extremely interesting* fact about me #3: I have a very, very, VERY good sense of direction

    This isn’t just so potential kidnappers/stalkers don’t target me… it is also very true.

    To sum up..

    A potential abductor who attempts to lure me in with chocolates would be in for a very bad PUNishment 

    (See what I did there?)

    Finally, a selfie of myself!! (Aaaahahha)

    BYEBYE!!!!! My CAPtion says it all!!!!! #yolo

    p/s:don’t forget to hashtag macarons either

    Kerina Wang

    6 thoughts on “Why I am MangoRabbitRabbit”

    1. Macaroons, I tried them once… >.< I dint like them, instead I gave them to my little sister. It was funny how my little brother was starting at her asking me why did they looked like crayons. Lol

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